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Dzulkefly: Woes piling up on Najib as he seeks GE14 date

August 5, 2017

Dzulkefly: Woes piling up on Najib as he seeks GE14 date

| August 4, 2017

The Amanah strategy director says it may be better for the prime minister to make way for a successor to save Umno.

dzulkefly-ahmadPETALING JAYA: Bandar Malaysia project grounded, 1MDB failing to pay up its debt and the Scorpene submarine scandal returning with vehemence – the litany of woes is sorely taxing Najib Razak’s mind as he seeks a date to call the 14th general election, says Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

The Amanah strategy director said several developments lately had not only caused anxiety but also alarm to the prime minister.

“Even if Najib had already fixed a date in his mind to dissolve parliament, now everything has turned opaque and he is forced to think again. The situation is most agonising and unbearable.

“Would it be better for Najib just to withdraw to save his party or for Umno to withdraw him?” asked Dzulkefly, who also wondered whether there was any candidate who could replace Najib.

Dzulkefly pointed to several reports which impacted on Najib, including recent developments in France affecting the prime minister’s former adviser Abdul Razak Baginda concerning the sale of two Scorpene-class submarines to Malaysia in 2002 when Najib held the defence portfolio.

On Monday, state-owned 1MDB announced it was unable to repay the first installment of a US$1.2 billion debt it owed Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Co. (IPIC), which then extended the deadline by five days from July 31.

On the mega Bandar Malaysia project, Dzulkefly said the attempt to engage China’s Dalian Wanda as the master developer was scuttled after Beijing imposed currency controls.

Dalian Wanda was being wooed by Najib to replace the Malaysian-Chinese consortium IWH-CREC whose contract to develop the project was terminated by the government.

According to Dzulkefly, Bandar Malaysia’s problems were the result of Najib’s “imprudence” in hastily terminating the deal with IWH-CREC.

He said Najib’s woes had grown heavier with the likelihood of Chinese president Xi Jinping calling off his planned visit to Malaysia later this year.

“There seems to be no end to the misfortune befalling PM,” added Dzulkefly.


PM Najib experiencing streak of bad luck – Mkini


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seems to be experiencing an extended streak of bad luck. With the 14th general elections looming ever closer, that Najib is now frantic, is an understatement.

Mampukah M’sia bayar RM2.86bilion ke IPIC hari ini PM @NajibRazak? Dari mana dana itu, ada lagi ke ‘Investment Fund Units’ 1MDB yg disebut2 tu?” (Can Malaysia afford to pay RM2.86 billion to IPIC today PM @NajibRazak? Where is the fund from, do the much talked about ‘Investment Fund Units’ still exist?)

So are we to conclude that the much avowed “units” in “investment portfolio” in the PetroSaudi deal, via its notorious Cayman Island account, is truly a “grandmother’s story”? And by extension, all the rationalisation programmes equally incapable of preventing 1MDB from defaulting?

Read the rest here….






Mahathir-Anwar alliance causing panic in Umno, says Amanah

July 17, 2017

Mahathir-Anwar alliance causing panic in Umno, says Dr Dzul

| July 17, 2017

Prime Minister Najib Razak is also in two minds over the GE14 date due to two different schools of thought in Umno, says Amanah strategic director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

PETALING JAYA: Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says Umno ministers are attacking Pakatan Harapan, following the announcement of the opposition coalition’s new leadership council, because they no longer see Prime Minister Najib Razak as a viable leader for the ruling party.

Referring to the “state of panic” in Umno and the reaction from a number of senior ministers, the Amanah strategic director said the attacks were “deplorable”, and lacked any coordination.

“The strengthening of the formidable legendary duo of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim, was simply mind-blowing to them.

“Umno’s strategists and spin doctors, bloggers included, were caught flat-footed, hence their statements were not on the same page. Much worse were the efforts of so-called academics in their ivory towers,” Dzulkefly said.

He added that with the latest suit by the United States Department of Justice to seize assets purchased with money linked to state-owned investment fund 1MDB, and the criminal convictions of many confidantes of Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) and their confessions in Singapore courts, “Najib has truly become a lame duck leader of Umno and the BN”.

Dzulkefly said the absence of comments from the “brighter ministers” from Umno, namely Khairy Jamaluddin, Johari Ghani, and Nor Jazlan, in the wake of the DoJ announcement last month, suggests that even they know that it is no longer worthwhile to defend the indefensible.

“Worse still, Umno is facing an actual crack from within. Simply put, after two sessions of putting aside party polls, the rumblings and undercurrents are gaining momentum. Cracks in Umno’s top leadership are an open secret.”

According to Dzulkefly, the word from inside Umno is that there are two thoughts on when to hold the next general election.

“Divisional chiefs that continue to enjoy financial perks from the ‘politics of patronage’ are wanting to delay the dissolution of Parliament to the fullest extent possible, by middle next year.

“However, other grassroots leaders who are suffering, like the ordinary rakyat, are clamouring for a quick kill. Hence, little wonder Najib is in two minds,” Dzulkefly said, adding that Najib is “notoriously known to be risk averse”.

The Amanah leader said the failure to attract PAS grassroots support, despite all the attempts at wooing the Islamist party’s leadership, just further aggravates Najib’s predicament.


This is my original piece for your perusal….Thnx for taking  time to read and share.

1. One couldn’t help seeing Umno’s top leadership in a state of panic ever since the announcement of Pakatan Harapan (PH) top echelon last Friday. Granted that the PH’s a-month-over of ‘political hiatus’ ended amicably in the strengthening of the formidable legendary duo of TunM-DSAI, was simply mind-blowing to them.
2. Umno’s strategists and spin doctors, bloggers included, were caught flat-footed. They were surely not the same page and their attacks were least coordinated, conflicting and going in all directions. I do not need to paraphrase any, as it is not worth a mention at all. Deplorable is an understatement.
3. Even the usually prolific Star’s columnist that has been religiously defending the Prime Minister, was frantically trying to take the wind of the PH’s sails, but to of no avail. Much worse were the effort of of so-called academics in the ivory tower. They were visibly aloof. It is the case of the more, the less. The more they attacked, the lesser the rakyat would want to believe Umno and BN.
4. But why is Umno and the BN so desperate and panicky, you may ask? Why the top 3 posts with the iconic lady of Dr Wan Azizah coupled with the 3 Deputy Presidents were sending shivers down their spines?
5. While you still have the Selangor’s MB Azmin Ali from the 4 Vice-Presidents to choose from, to helm the nation, you could still rely on a bigger pool namely Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Mujahid Yusuf, to cite but a few, from the second echelon leaders of the PH to join the rank of Federal Ministers. Talk of failures of PH to prepare succession plan is arguably flawed and misdirected.
6. Again, why are they so panicky? The fact of the matter is that Najib is no longer seen as a viable captain to lead the charge for Umno-BN. Granted the plethora of recent expose of the third complaint of the Department of Justice and the criminal convictions on the many confidantes of Jho Low and their confessions in Singapore’s Courts, Najib has truly become a lame duck leader of sort for Umno and the BN!
7. Did you hear any defense attempted by the ‘brighther ministers’ of Umno, namely Khairy Jamaluddin, Johari Ghani or Nor Jazlan et al,  ever since the third complaint of the DoJ? They knew that it is no longer worthwhile to defend the indefensible!
8. Worst, Umno us facing an actual crack from within. Simply put, after two sessions of putting aside party’s election, the rumbling is ever louder and undercurrent is gaining momentum. Cracks in Umno top leadership is an open secret. We will leave that for another time.
9. For the time being, divisional chiefs that continue to enjoy financial perks from the ‘Politics of Patronage’ are wanting to delay the dissolution of the Parliament and perhaps to the hilt, by middle next year. Other grass root leaders that are suffering, like any other ordinary rakyat, are clamoring for a quick kill. Hence little wonder Najib is in two minds. Doubtless, Najib is notorious to be a very risk-averse person.
10. Najib’s attempt at wooing Pas over to his side is no small feat but he is silently resisted at the grass root, much in the same way the President of Pas is confronted with while trying to work with Najib. Another implosion in Pas, from the ‘Anti-Umno Faction’ could not be ruled out if Hadi insists on going with Najib. The way foward is grim for both of them. The stakes are high.
11. This has surely aggravated Najib’s predicament and quandary. There is no immediate solution in sight. It is indeed extremely agonising to him!
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad

Strategy Director, Parti Amanah Negara

Melayu jangan khuatir Malaysia tanpa Umno memerintah, kata Amanah

July 17, 2017

Melayu jangan khuatir Malaysia tanpa Umno memerintah, kata Amanah

| July 14, 2017

Pengarah Strategi Amanah Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad berkata kini dengan pengumuman kepimpinan tertinggi Pakatan Harapan serta matlamatnya, PH boleh ambil alih dan wujudkan kestabilan dan pertumbuhan.

KUALA LUMPUR: Orang Melayu tidak perlu takut dunia mereka akan berakhir tanpa Umno dan presiden mereka, Datuk Seri Najib Razak memimpin negara, kata Pengarah Strategi Amanah Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad hari ini.

Ini kerana Pakatan Harapan akhirnya sudah pun menyelesaikan masalah struktur dan organisasi kepimpinan yang “sukar dan tidak berkesudahan” (yang menjerut PH).

Pemimpin Umno sering memberitahu orang Melayu sekiranya pembangkang berkuasa, DAP akan memerintah negara dan hak Melayu akan diketepikan.

Dzulkefly dalam kenyataan berkata dengan adanya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sebagai pengerusi dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagrai ketua umum gabungan, pakatan pembangkang kini mempunyai “gabungan 2 tokoh legenda” yang pernah memimpin negara sebagai salah satu Harimau Asia”.

“Kita mahu kembali kepada trajektori itu serta mendapatkan semula kedudukan (posisi) dan daya saing negara yang hilang,” tambahnya.

Beliau berkata gabungan itu memberikan “keselesaan dan penjagaan” kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, merentasi semua kaum, agama dan budaya.

Menggambarkan keputusan itu sebagai “bermakna” dan “bersejarah”, Dzulkefly berkata pakatan pembangkang kini bersedia menggugat dan menjatuhkan kerajaan BN”.

PH semalam menamakan Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR) sebagai presiden, dibantu 3 timbalan, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (PPBM), Lim Guan Eng (DAP) dan Mohamad Sabu (Amanah).

Timbalan Presiden PKR Mohamed Azmin Ali dan rakan sejawatnya dari PPBM, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir dinamakan sebagai naib presiden, bersama Pengerusi DAP Sarawak Chong Chieng Jen dan Timbalan Presiden Salahuddin Ayub.

Bekas timbalan menteri Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah dilantik ketua setiausaha.

Pengumuman itu selepas sebulan spekulasi mengenai struktur kepimpinan pakatan baharu itu, yang akan menyaksikan 4 parti pembangkang buat pertama kali menyertai pilihan raya dengan logo bersama.

Dzulkefly berkata: “Tinjauan teliti akan mencerminkan barisan yang kukuh merangkumi keterangkuman, amat seimbang dan adil serta kombinasi terbaik kekuatan yang kita garap dari 4 parti komponen.”

PH kini perlu meletakkan jentera pilihan raya yang kuat dan berfungsi secepat mungkin, katanya.

Lebih utama, katanya, PH sudah menyatakan secara jelas apa yang ingin dilakukan dalam 100 hari pertama memenangi pilihan raya umum ke-14.

“Pakatan ini akan memansuhkan GST, menstabilkan harga petrol, tumpu meringankan beban rakyat, menangani masalah pengangguran belia, membanteras rasuah dari atas hingga ke bawah, menubuhkan suruhanjaya siasatan diraja untuk menyiasat skandal 1MDB dan menyelamatkan Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (Felda), yang seperti agensi lain, didakwa mengalami kepincangan pengurusan kewangan dan tadbir-urus korporat.”

Stumbling block to debunking kleptocracy : Apandi’s argument is flawed and Hadi’s open letter smacks of of ignorance of DoJ’s legal proceedings..

July 1, 2017



COMMENT | The latest attorney-general’s statement was simply outlandish.

The “open letter” to the PAS president was surely another purporting foreign interference in 1MDB expose aided by locals.

I’ve been particularly restrained especially during Ramadan.

But in the best interest of the nation that we all loved and of Islam, whose ultimate objective of justice many claimed to fight for but later “hijacked”, l feel compelled to write this piece after my last one sooner (“Scandalous that AG not acting on DoJ’s 1MDB revelation” on June 20, 2017).

The former has very early on exonerated the PM of all wrongdoings in the 1MDB fiasco. He seems to “up the ante” of the sort. The latter, in the same vein, put four witnesses as prerequisites if the premier is ever to be convicted.

He now seems to outdo the AG, Mohamed Apandi Ali, in his “open letter”, lending a backhanded credence to the premier.

This writer is of the opinion that they both represent the greatest stumbling block in the initiation of an effective legal proceeding that could get to the bottom of the 1MDB’s “heist of the century”.

Last Tuesday, Bernama reported that the AG said that the DOJ’s civil suit was “politically motivated”. This was because “the DOJ had never made any official request to the Attorney-General’s Chamber to obtain clarification or information on the claim they made”.

It is in the writer’s opinion that Apandi’s argument is arguably both flawed, much as it borders on dishonesty or half-truth. Apandi also alluded that “the actions of DOJ’s are also believed to be based on information given by certain individuals from Malaysia”. That is even more despicable.

Apandi could be accused of deliberately misleading the Malaysian public or is he truly oblivious of the fact of the matter. Yes, he could very well have not read the 251-page complaint of the DOJ.

On page seven of the complaint, it is categorically stated under the heading of the “Nature of the Action” that… “This is a civil action in rem (Latin in italic) to forfeit assets involved in and traceable to an international conspiracy to launder money misappropriated from 1-MDB…”.

The word in rem is repeated in many places in this third “complaint” of the DOJ as it was also stated in the earlier complaints, as to make this writer to question its significance. Admittedly, not much have been said it.

Simply put, “judgment in rem” means that the court action is meant to make judgment on the “category of things” and not based on persons (judgement in personam).

The “category of things or property” here are all those long listing of items or assets identified, to be forfeited by the court, purchased through the ill-gotten or embezzled money from 1MDB, that had been brought (laundered) into the financial systems of the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

An action in rem takes no notice of the (original) owner of the property. The object of the lawsuit is to determine the disposition of the assets (properties), regardless of who the owner is or who else might have an interest in it.

Hence, the AG should know full well that they may very well not be consulted or referred! It was extremely regrettable that the AG accuses DoJ as ‘politically motivated’ when he wasn’t consulted or referred to.

So why the whining now?

On the contrary, many would concur that it is, in fact, the AG who has unmistakenly “politicised” this legal proceeding of forfeiture of assets. Never mind the AG giving the Swiss AG’s Chamber a “cold shoulder” for a Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) on two occasions before! So why the whining now?

As to the PAS president’s (photo) open letter, it smacks of ignorance of the actual legal proceedings and grossly misguided.

That the DOJ is using their jurisdiction on kleptocracy procedures (especially assets recovery procedures), to get back as much money stolen from 1MDB that were spent in the US, should augur well for Malaysians, as the ultimate beneficiaries. Hadi’s revulsion is evidently misplaced.

With all due respect, he is apparently at a loss on this. The open letter admonishes Malaysians to remain steadfast while never to allow for foreign meddling. But whoever wants foreign intervention, sir?

That Malaysia has, unfortunately, become an epicentre for global kleptocracy, involving foreign and international conspirators, matters least to him. That global kleptocracy demands a global solution is well beyond his comprehension.

To the more discerning public, Hadi has become a relentless defender of Najib’s government kleptocracy.

On the flip-side though, Hadi’s emotive anti-western rhetoric couple with Anuar Musa’s narrative of a subversion of a Muslim-led government, regardless of its kleptocratic and corrupt nature, finds a natural traction in many Malay-Muslim constituencies.

That this Muslim-majority nation is dangerously slipping into a “Malay-Muslim nationalism”, very wary of the “invented other enemies”, is scary and grim. The Malays particularly are in dire need of a new narrative on leadership!

That the attorney-general and religious leaders like the PAS president pose a stumbling block to debunking kleptocracy is surely an understatement.The rakyat must wait for the “apex court of the People”, ie the 14th general election, as to conclusively defeat the defenders and practitioners of kleptocracy.

Only then will Malaysia be on the trajectory of genuine “change and reform” that we all aspire and strive for.

DZULKEFLY AHMAD is strategy director of Parti Amanah Negara.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


Apandi’s argument is flawed (FMT)

July 1, 2017

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali should be more concerned over how 1MDB’s money got embezzled far and wide across the globe and into these jurisdictions.



By Dzulkefly Ahmad (FMT)

A-G Apandi Ali and PAS president Hadi Awang represent the hardest stumbling blocks in the initiation of any effective legal proceeding to get to the bottom of the 1MDB fiasco.

After writing the piece ‘Scandalous that AG not acting on DoJ’s 1MDB revelation’, (June 20, 2017), l really didn’t think that I’d have to pen another piece so soon.

But the most recent statement by Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali was simply outlandish. The open letter of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was surely another, purporting foreign interference in the1MDB fiasco, aided by locals. I’ve been particularly restrained during Ramadan.

But in the best interest of the nation that we all love, and of Islam whose ultimate objective of justice many claim to fight for but evidently later “hijack”, l feel compelled to engage again.

Read the rest here….

Selangor contributed nearly half of new jobs in Malaysia from 2014-2016

May 23, 2017

MalayMail Online, Tuesday May 23, 2017

In a statement quoting the figures, the Selangor government pointed out that in the two years, employment in Selangor rose from 2,912,300 jobs in 2014 to 3,217,600 in 2016. — Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 ―Selangor’s 305,300 new jobs from 2014 to 2016 represented nearly half of Malaysia’s total employment gains from the period, official data by the Department of Statistics showed.

In a statement quoting the figures, the Selangor government pointed out that in the two years, employment in Selangor rose from 2,912,300 jobs in 2014 to 3,217,600 in 2016.

“Over the same period, employment in Malaysia as a whole rose by 631,600 jobs, meaning that Selangor’s employment growth of 305,300 jobs represented nearly half, or 48.3 per cent, of Malaysia’s total employment gains between 2014 and 2016,” Yin Shao Loong, strategic communications director from the Selangor Mentri Besar’s Office said.

The statement added that under MB Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s leadership, women and highly-skilled workers have fared better in Selangor compared to Malaysia as a whole.

“Women have done particularly well out of the growth in employment in Selangor as they filled over half, or 55 per cent, of new jobs in Selangor compared to only 40 per cent of additional jobs nationwide.

“In line with this, the representation of women in Selangor’s workforce has risen from 40.3 per cent of the state workforce in 2014 to 41.7 per cent in 2016.”

The statement said that this meant that women are continually forming a major part of the workforce as employment in Selangor expands.

Highly-skilled employment in Selangor increased by over 16 per cent from 2014 to 2016, compared to a national gain of 13.5 per cent over the same period, based on official data.

As of 2016, nearly 40 per cent of Selangor’s 3.2 million-strong workforce could be considered highly-skilled, with a third of Malaysia’s highly-skilled workers employed in Selangor.

– See more at:

Where is Malaysia-China relationship headed, asks Amanah

May 18, 2017

The party’s strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says Najib needs to ensure the nation is not inadvertently compromised in his ‘desperate rush’ to seek China’s economic assistance.


KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Amanah Negara strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad today asked where Malaysia is going with its relationship with China.

Saying this question bothered many discerning Malaysians on both sides of the political divide, he warned that Malaysia must not be inadvertently politically compromised, as a result of being lorded over economically by China.

Dzulkefly said in a statement that there were many questions regarding Putrajaya’s current wooing of China that Prime Minister Najib Razak had to answer.

This includes giving the contract to be a master builder for the Bandar Malaysia project to a China-Malaysia consortium and then withdrawing it, to seek other China partners.

“Coming close on the heels of the controversies surrounding the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration ‘settlement’, the PM’s unilateral decision in relying on one superpower to help build Malaysia is at best disconcerting, if not outrightly imprudent.”

He was referring to a dispute between 1MDB and Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company, or IPIC, over payments which IPIC said it did not receive but 1MDB said it had paid. It was later settled, but 1MDB now has to pay the money owed.

Malaysian taxpayers via the ministry of finance (MoF) now have to bear the burden of about RM26.4 billion in payments to IPIC.

Dzulkefly said: “The need for a wider debate or consultation from pertinent stakeholders, on pursuing such aggressive and excessive investment from China, has never been entertained, much less desired.

“What are Malaysians to make out of all these ‘wheeling and dealing’, especially with an economic super powerhouse like China, that they least understand? “

Describing Najib’s wooing of China as a “frantic move”, he said it appeared that the prime minister was in a “desparate rush” to “solve his immediate predicament but seems oblivious of the grave downsides of doing so, on a longer time-line”.

He suggested that an open tender be called for the development of Bandar Malaysia.

“Najib must be strongly reprimanded that while the nation is in dire need of foreign investment, we deserve a better and a longer range view of the nation’s sovereignty, dignity and destiny. Malaysia must not be inadvertently politically compromised, as a result of being lorded over, economically by the Peoples Republic of China.”



My original piece….is here

Where is Malaysia-China relationship headed?
1. Even before the dust could settle out of the whole fiasco of Bandar Malaysia’s unfortunate abrupt termination of the share sales agreement (SSA) with the consortium IWH-CREC, Malaysians continue to be confronted with unending questions that beg immediate clarity and purpose.
2. Coming close on the heel of the controversies surrounding the 1-MDB-IPIC’s arbitration ‘settlement’, the PM’s unilateral decision in relying one superpower to help build Malaysia is at best disconcerting, if not outrightly imprudent.
3. The need for a wider debate or consultation from pertinent stakeholders, on pursuing such aggressive and excessive investment from China, has never been entertained, much less desired.
4. What are Malaysians to make out of all these ‘wheelings and dealings’, especially with an economic superpowerhouse like China, that they least understand?
5. Where are we really heading with this relationship with China is surely a question that bothers many discerning Malaysians, and arguably on both sides of the political divides.
6. Unlike the bold step of his late father in pursuing unprecedented strategic diplomatic ties with a more-than-taboo Communist China then, Najib Razak’s frantic moves, pale in comparison, 4 decades later.
7. Meanwhile Najib courted Dalian Wanda Group, China’s largest property and entertainment group. Incidentally, Wikipedia has it that Wanda Group is the world’s biggest private property developer (The Economist, Feb 14, 2015).
8. The local media didn’t fail to report that as if Wanda’s Chairman and China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin was very keen on the ‘investment in Bandar Malaysia worth ‘US$10bilion (RM43billion)’. To the chagrin of Najib, Wanda was ostensibly non-committal.
8. Be that as it may, in his hurried (read desperate) ways of getting China to ‘heavily invest’ in Malaysia, Najib ostensibly depicts one Prime Minister, who is in a real rush to solve his immediate predicament but seems oblivious of the grave downsides of doing so, on a longer time-line.
9. Will we now see a revival of the cancelled deal of the SSA, with the consortium IWH-CREC, after the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang told Najib that he wanted the SSA deal with the China Communist Party’s owned CREC ‘to remain unchanged’. If he succumbs, he will surely lose face as the head of a sovereign state. An open bidding is also in order should a Master Developer is to be found again for Bandar Malaysia.
10. Amidst intense speculation bandied about that the deals were undertaken with the aim of settling the outstanding debts arising from the scandal-ridden 1MDB project, the choice between a private company or a state run enterprise is arguably pertinent much as it is also sinister.
11. Najib must be strongly reprimanded that while the nation is dire need of foreign investment, we deserve a better and a longer range view of the nation’s sovereignty, independence, dignity and destiny.
Malaysia must not be inadvertently politically compromised, as a result of being lorded over, economically by the People Republic of China.
Time to make sense of where we are truly heading Mr Prime Minister!
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad
Strategy Director
Parti Amanah Negara
16 May 2017.







Ex-EC chief tells latest EC chief not to be BN’s lackey…….Do we need to say more?

May 18, 2017


MKini Published 17 May 2017, 8:08 pm    

Former Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has warned current EC chief Mohd Hashim Abdullah not to allow the commission to become a BN lackey.

Abdul Rashid, who is now one of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s vice- president, said this in a joint-statement with PKR political bureau member R Sivarasa, Parti Amanah Negara information chief Khalid Abdul Samad and DAP’s Seputeh vice-chairperson Teresa Kok.

“We are aware the pressure EC is facing from the ruling coalition to ensure BN is returned to power during the 14th general election.

“But the EC, as a body responsible for a democratic election process, should and cannot be a BN lackey by violating the federal constitution which requires the commission to have the public’s trust,” they said.

The former EC chief and three MPs also were critical of Mohd Hashim for snubbing the opposition.

“All our written communication to him have been ignored.

“Clearly, he is being the most unprofessional election chairperson in the history of the EC and indirectly degrades the EC’s position as an independent and fair commission to a mere agency that complies to the prime minister’s directives.

“The EC chairperson refusing to engaged stakeholders, namely the opposition political parties, has reduced the EC’s credibility to its worst in the history of democratic elections in this country,” they said.

They also requested that Mohd Hashim meet a team led by Abdul Rashid to iron out several election issues, including the refusal of the EC to provide the supplementary electoral roll to political parties.

“This was done without consultation with political parties and we consider this as a violation of democratic rights which is a clear display of ill intent,” they said.

(In all fairness I must put on record…Despite having very serious critique and differences with EC and its Chairman then (ie TS Rashid Rahman), we, Pakatan Rakyat leaders then, were able to meet up with him on several occasions. TS Rashid was kind enough to not forget to serve Lunch after the many serious debate……if his time was bad, it is surely taking the worst turning now…when all power are usurped by the diabolical and kleptocratic PM that makes our democracy a total farce and now, completely dysfunctional…A Big Sigh!)

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