Pengundi Sarawak wajar pastikan PBB tidak menjadi seperti Umno di Semenanjung…


Sarawakians, ensure PBB doesn’t become UMNO in the Peninsula.

As if barring 30 odds opposition leaders were insufficient to depict himself as practising ‘electoral authoritarianism’ to paraphrase Professor Andreas Schedler, or in simple term, a farce democracy, Adenan Satem ensures he cripples further the opposition by giving a deadline of 5 May for them to disappear from the battle-ground.

What an act of cowardice! What could be worst of an autocrat and one which truly makes a huge mockery of his imminent victory and a farce of democracy at it worst.

Never mind the many outrageous and long standing practice of denying the opposition access of the mainstream media. Never mind the many blatant abuses of public funds into the billions, announced during campaign period of ministers and money politics changing hands.

The only ‘democracy’ that is, is because there is an electoral process but a very far cry from any meaningful semblance of an equal and level playing field, much cherished by BERSIH, the ‘free and fair’ electoral watchdog.

This writer and his other colleagues YB Nurolhuda (stateassembly Parit Yani, Johor) and Suhaizan Kayat (Organising Secretary of Parti Amanah) were amongst those that were given limited visa and a deadline of 5 May to rid themselves of Sarawak.

Why the necessity to worsen further his image as an autocrat is extremely baffling much as it is arguably constitutionally illegitimate.

Despite every poll-analyst talking of his sure victory, Adenan is making absolutely certain that he reverses the trend that opposition is making definite inroad into Sarawak politics.

Adenan is particularly anxious of the continuing Chinese support for the Opposition, evident in the last two elections of 2011 and 2013.

For that matter, the dwindling support of Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu for BN is equally worrying for him. His main key performance indicator is now to arrest this emerging trend.

Campaign in the much fought battle-ground of the Opposition seats have been stiff though not obviously fierce.

Adenan’s cowardly acts were specifically aimed at reducing the intensity of this fight and stifling the opposition fire-power, the like of Amanah’s president Mat Sabu and parliamentarian Khalid Samad and Dap’s Tony Pua et al.

The dismal and sorry of Sarawak after 53 years of forming a federation with Malaya is what Adenan fears most to be exposed. He is surely under a false illusion that as if Sarawakians could be continuously deluded and conned.

His RM27 billion cash reserve is totally meaningless and worthless, if tap in the home is still anything but clean while 183 dilapidated schools are still in real sorry state. This writer witnessed the sorry state of schools, long houses and basic amenities of roads etc, everywhere he campaigned.

It is both scandalous and criminal for a government to subject their citizens to this state of abject deprivation, while they boast and gloat of their massive cash reserve. The high cost of living, as a result of the recent GST and withdrawal of subsidies, could have easily been absorbed and handled by a ‘caring and rich government’, should they have truly a will power and tenacity to deliver a meaningful life to their rakyat. Could an apparently strong CM like Adenan now deliver?

Well, be that as it may, into the last 24 hour of the 10 day campaign period, it would be tactical, wise and pertinent that the Sarawakians take a long hard look before making their decision today.

Granted Adenan’ autocratic tendency and a propensity for turning democracy into a farce and a sham, Sarawak voters must ensure a strong and vibrant voice of Opposition in the State Assembly of Sarawak!

Only this will ensure A Better Sarawak, for the immediate future.

Only by mandating a strong opposition voice and sufficient seats, will PBB-BN be checked into not becoming a corrupt and dysfunctional government, like their counterparts of Umno-BN in the peninsula of Malaysia.

Otherwise, Sarawak would be doomed, as Sarawakians make their choice to their own detriment and peril in bringing back the ‘One Party-Coalition Dominant System in Sarawak’.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad
Strategy Director,
Parti Amanah Negara.

Sarawakians, ensure PBB doesn’t become Umno-like (MKini)

Amanah warns against too big a win for BN FMT Reporter May 6, 2016



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