Amanah to PAS: Clarify your hudud position….you’re now using the same arguments which you accused of us…


| March 19, 2016

Dr Dzul tells PAS to apologise for belittling the Islamic faith of those who called for a delay in the introduction of hudud.

dr zul

PETALING JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara has demanded that PAS clarify its position on the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia following the Islamist party’s formalisation of an alliance with Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia.

Amanah Strategy Director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said in a media statement today that he had watched a video recording of the press conference where the alliance was announced and ascertained that PAS had indeed put its hudud agenda on the back burner.

He also told PAS to apologise for belittling the Islamic faith of those who had argued that the times were not right for hudud to be introduced in Malaysia.

“Among those accused was the Mufti of Perlis, who wrote in his Facebook yesterday that PAS is now using the same rationale he once used for not agreeing with its position,” he said.

“Worse still, among the PAS ulama and the younger religious leaders are those who denigrated and labelled others who are not in conformity with them as ‘liberal and secular.’ Some even called fellow Muslims apostates and disbelievers. These Muslims were all asked to repent and atone for their sins.”

Referring to the video, Dzulkefly said PAS had “very clearly” told the nation that it was now falling back on the arguments of those Muslims who had argued for an indefinite delay in the introduction of hudud.

“The PAS President even alluded to the need of strengthening the Syariah Court first,” he noted.

“PAS must now clarify its position and be willing to apologise for its overzealousness and intolerant position before.

“PAS could not now avoid the public perception that it has deliberately taken its current position for partisan political reasons. PAS has indeed capitalised on the issue of hudud to break the fraternity of the Pakatan Rakyat after the 13th General Election by accusing DAP of rejecting hudud and the shariah. Even PKR was once imputed of a similar unIslamic stance.

“PAS’s ulama faction strongly campaigned on hudud so as to oust the activist-professional faction of the party in the last muktamar. This faction was accused of rejecting hudud because it called for a moratorium on its implementation.

“Let it be known to all and sundry that the time has come to stop capitalising on hudud and the narrow interpretation of the shariah as  political capital and a ploy to gain the support and mandate of the rakyat.

“As Amanah, we enjoin all Muslims to strive to achieve the timeless and universal objectives and higher intents of the shariah (Maqasid al-Shariah), such as reinstating human dignity so as to allow all citizens to enjoy the imperatives of the shariah, i.e. justice and equality, without being discriminated against by virtue of race, religion and conviction.

“We call upon all political parties and their coalition fronts to enhance political contestation based upon superiority and efficacy of policy advocacy and to debunk dogmatic doctrines of race and religion.

“We call upon all political leaders to strive towards achieving ‘A Better Malaysia for All,’ where the rule of law is again upheld and democratic institutions are revived, made functional and vibrant, so as to achieve the cardinal role of check and balance and to stamp out all abuses of power and endemic corruption.”

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