PAS-IKATAN sepakat hudud tidak sesuai di Malaysia

March 16, 2016

PAS mahu membentangkan hudud di Parlimen bukan untuk melaksanakannya tetapi sekadar mahu meningkatkan kuasa mahkamah syariah.


KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (IKATAN) percaya bahawa isu hudud tidak akan menjadi isu besar diantara gabungan PAS dan parti baharu dalam membentuk blok pembangkang ketiga.

Presiden IKATAN, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir berkata, walaupun bergabung dengan PAS, mereka sependapat bahawa hukum hudud tidak sesuai dilaksanakan di Malaysia.

“Saya tidak fikir, situasi di Malaysia sesuai untuk melaksanakan hukum hudud. Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang juga berkata, hudud kita fikir kemudian, apa yang dibentangkan di Parlimen bukan untuk melaksanakan hudud.

“Tetapi, hanya untuk tingkatkan lagi kuasa mahkamah syariah. Kerana, kuasa mahkamah syariah lebih rendah dari mahkamah majistret,” ujarnya dalam satu wawancara bersama FMT.

Jelas Abdul Kadir, isu hukum hudud itu merupakan isu dan provokasi yang hanya dimainkan oleh penyokong UMNO di Kelantan.

“Mereka (PAS) tidak membawa hudud, selama 20 tahun memerintah, Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat juga tidak pernah bawa. Dia (Nik Aziz) tahu bahawa rakyat tidak sokong.

“Tetapi ia mendapat provokasi dari ahli-ahli UMNO di kawasan kampung terutamanya, kenapa PAS sebagai sebuah kerajaan tidak membawa hudud,” jelasnya.

Mengulas lanjut, Kadir juga memberitahu Islam bukanlah sebuah agama yang ketat, sebaliknya agama untuk semua pihak.

“Islam juga benarkan atas beberapa syarat, kita boleh menangguhkan pelaksanaan hukum hudud dan di Malaysia, saya lihat kita termasuk dalam syarat berkenaan kerana masyarakat berbilang bangsa,” ujar beliau.

Pada masa sama, beliau turut memberitahu bahawa tanggungjawab PAS untuk memperketatkan undang-undang mahkamah syariah juga telah selesai dan kini terpulang pada rakyat untuk menghakimi.

“Mereka telah bawa ke Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kelantan, kemudian bentangkan di Parlimen. Tugas mereka sudah selesai, sebagai seorang muslim, mereka telah lakukan sebaik mungkin.

“Kini terpulang kepada rakyat, untuk memilih kerajaan, kerana kini ia di bawah kuasa UMNO,” katanya lagi.

Kadir on why Ikatan formed third force with PAS

| March 16, 2016

Former cabinet minister says his party’s supreme council has unanimously agreed to work with the Islamist party.


PETALING JAYA: Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia announced today that it is forming a coalition with PAS, days after denying rumours of such an association.

Ikatan President Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir told FMT that the party’s supreme council had unamimously agreed to work with PAS to form a “third force” in Malaysian politics.

Kadir, a former cabinet minister, said PAS “deserves a shot” at forming the Federal Government.

Here are excepts from the FMT interview with the veteran politician:

Could you please elaborate on your cooperation with PAS?

“We got an invite from PAS about two months ago. I brought the idea to Ikatan’s supreme council and we unanimously agreed to work with PAS. We feel honoured to work with the party, which has an equal number of following as Umno. This is not a partnership that happened overnight. I’ve been working closely with PAS since I left Umno in 2012, travelling nationwide with its leaders to give talks on their platform.”

Ikatan was built on the ideas of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, who once said that an Islamic agenda would never work in a multiracial country like Malaysia. But that’s what exactly PAS is striving for. What are you willing to give up?

“I don’t think this is an issue as PAS fights for its Islamic agenda while upholding the constitution. As for now, I don’t think the hudud law is on PAS’s priority list. Even PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has told me, ‘We will think about hudud later.’

“However, if you ask for my personal opinion, I don’t think the situation in Malaysia is right for such a law.”

PAS is a well-established party, whereas Ikatan is still very new to the political scene. What can you bring to the table?

“Many of our party members are Western-educated liberals. We hope to be the liberal face of the new coalition and, in the process, correct the perception that the rakyat have on PAS being an old-fashioned and extremist party. In fact, PAS is very liberal and it has many educated leaders and members, some even with PhDs. I won’t be surprised if PAS has more educated people than Umno does. We hope to help PAS address the perception against it.”

Can you elaborate on what this third-force will strive for?

“We will strive to solve the rakyat’s problems, not by fighting with the government, but by engaging with it. There are a few issues that we will present to the government immediately. We won’t wait until the next general election. The first issue is the endemic corruption that has seeped into every strata of the civil service and the private sectors. We will also fight to cut red tape, which is bogging down the administration, hampering the nation’s growth.

“Secondly, we will fight to narrow the ever-widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor, and the urban and the rural population, regardless of race and religion. The government has got its priorities wrong. For example, instead of spending RM120 billion on the MRT line in the Kajang-KL-Sungai Buloh area, where the majority of the population already have their own transport, a fraction of the money could be given to upgrade the drainage and irrrigation system at plantation areas in rural areas, which would allow farmers to cultivate more crops.

“The third idea we will bring forward is nation building through the mastery of Bahasa Malaysia. The country’s population is growing apart instead of coming together, and one main reason is that some people don’t see it as a priority to master the national language.

“The PAS-Ikatan coalition will study the issues mentioned, get experts to put up papers on them and then bring them to the government’s attention. Not only that, we will also offer solutions to the problems brought forward.

“We will have street demonstrations if need be, but within the confines of the law. We won’t be burning cars and kicking police cones to get the message across.”

According to Kadir, Ikatan has some 5,000 members nationwide. He said the small membership size would “prevent instances of in-fighting and confusion within the party for having too many members.”

Kadir also said Ikatan had no issues with PAS taking the lead in the coalition, given its size and influence among the masses. He said PAS, being one of the biggest political parties in the country, deserved to think about being the lead party in the government one day.

“To me, there are only two parties in the country which can serve as coalition backbones – Umno and PAS. DAP is also influential but its support base is limited to urban areas.”

According to Kadir, PAS was contemplating bringing in more organisations into the force and that was why the coalition was yet to be named.

He said Ikatan would stay out of the Sarawak state election and let PAS contest where it had already established footholds. “We will help PAS with our resources and in their campaigning.”

Kadir also voiced his disapproval of the Citizens’ Declaration, saying it went against the agreement between the British and Malay leaders prior to the Independence to leave the power to choose a leader to the people.

“In this case, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has the support in Parliament by leading Barisan Nasional representatives elected by the rakyat,” he said. “Even in Umno, he commands more than 90% support, which means he clearly has the majority. Who are we to question his stature then?

“If his critics want to see him go, it is best to wait until the general election and let the people decide. I’ve seen the country come to where it is today from harsh times. Even today, there are farmers in the northern states who have only one meal per day. How would the government address such issues if it is forced to deal with critics all the time?”

Kadir, who also once served as Information Minister, said he was ” a little scared” with the current influence of social media.

“Media freedom has to come with responsibility,” he said. “We cannot follow the West all the time, as we are a multiracial country. One small spark can cause a fire.

“I agree with freedom of speech, but it has to be handled carefully, especially in sensitive issues.”

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