Mussel gatherer dies trying to rescue RMAF crew


Buat Allahyarham Abu Hassan Abd Latif, nelayan yang terkorban ketika cuba menyelematkan anak2 kapal Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia, CN235 yang terhempas di kawasan Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor.

Wajar sekiranya Kerajaan memberi satu pengiktirafan dengan anugerah gelaran pangkat, sekaligus melayakkan waris menerima elaun bulanan sebagai mengenang jasa dan pengorbanan beliau yang sangggup menyabung nyawa meyelamatkan masa sehingga beliau sendiri terkorban.

February 26, 2016 (FMT)

He got stuck in swampy ground as he was helping the crew of a CN235 aircraft that made an emergency landing in Kuala Selangor.


KUALA SELANGOR: A mussel gatherer was killed while trying to rescue the crew of a Royal Malaysian Air Force aircraft that crash-landed in Kuala Selangor today.

Abu Hassan Abdul Latif, 57, got stuck in swampy ground as he was helping the crew of the CN235 aircraft that made an emergency landing at Batu 2 about 9am, said Kuala Selangor police chief Supt Ruslan Abdullah.

All the eight crew survived the crash-landing that occurred at 8.50am. Local fishermen helped in their rescue.

“Abu Hassan died on the way to the Tanjong Karang Hospital. We have classified it as sudden death,” Ruslan told reporters.

Ruslan said an initial investigation indicated that the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing due to engine damage.

The seven male and one female crew, in their 30s and 40s, had been identified as pilots Maj Mohd Azri Yacob; Maj Muhamed Agizan Jaafar and Maj Ahmad Syazwan Mohamed; co-pilots Capt Mohd Nurul Azmie Rofdi and Lt Meor Ahmad Wahab; Warrant Officer II Muhd Shyfull Neezam Abdul Manan; Air Sgt David Tonge and Air Sgt Suhaila Pathil.

Mohd Nurul Azmie suffered a broken arm, he said.

“All of them were taken to the Tanjong Karang Hospital, and then to the RMAF base in Subang,” he said.

Ruslan said the investigation into the incident came under the purview of the RMAF.

Meanwhile, Abu Hassan’s younger sister, Jamaliah, 24, said she was summoned by telephone about 11am to identify her brother’s body at the Tanjung Karang Hospital.

“I rushed to the hospital with my niece to identify the body, and it was indeed my brother’s.

“My brother goes out every morning to look for mussels. He has been doing it to support himself. He was a bachelor and lived alone,” she told reporters when met at the scene.

Jamaliah said Abu Hassan, who was the eldest of six siblings, was a person who helped people.

“He was a helpful person. He liked helping us siblings and the other villagers. His loss will be dearly felt,” she said.




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