MACC told to continue probe into SRC, RM2.6bil….So it is not completed after all..Way to Go, MACC! …Go! Go! Go!


The Operations Review Panel (ORP) has advised the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission (MACC) to continue its investigations into SRC International and the alleged RM2.6bil donation cases.

The Commission, in a statement, said it was given the advice during its 29th meeting with ORP yesterday.

“The ORP has requested us to issue a public statement on these matters.

“The panel agreed that MACC re-submit its investigation papers regarding SRC International to the Attorney-General for review,” the Commission added in the statement.

SRC International was a subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) until it was taken over by the Finance Ministry in February 2012 via a non-cash dividend transaction of RM1mil.

The Commission said that since its investigation into the alleged RM2.6bil donation case was still incomplete, the Panel recommended to MACC that it continue its investigation into the case.

“The Commission will also seek the Attorney-General’s assistance to issue Mutual Legal Assistance in order for MACC to obtain evidence and documents from financial institutions based overseas as part of its investigation into the RM2.6bil,” it said.

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