Another lost opportunity to address religious extremism

Dzulkefly Ahmad (TMI)..

As largely anticipated, the debate between Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and Zamihan Mat Zin of Pertubuhan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Malaysia (Aswaja), has been called off on the eleventh hour.

The discerning Malaysian public, particularly the thinking Muslim constituencies are not amused, rather extremely baffled by the home minister’s decision to call it off.

Let it be said again that the debate was least concerned as to who would finally be declared winner or loser; right or wrong. Similarly, it was no longer about who were first in levelling accusation.

That is a moot point, as much as it is frivolous.But much to the chagrin of the public, is a lost opportunity to listen to the depth and breadth of the debate or discourse on the subject of “religious extremism in Malaysia”.

The hope to be enlightened was again dashed by this decision.


Baca seterusnya di sini……

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