Arul told: Don’t kill yourself defending Najib………….Defending the Indefensible!


| November 6, 2015 


              Amanah strategist Dzulkefly Ahmad says the 1MDB chief should know his limits.

arul najib

PETALING JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara Strategy Director Dzulkefly Ahmad has an advice for 1MDB chief Arul Kanda Kandasamy: know your limits in trying to defend Prime Minister Najib Razak and in protecting 1MDB from allegations of wrongdoing.

Speaking to FMT today, Dzulkefly said Arul wasn’t party to the many “dubious dealings” of 1MDB that went on before he joined the company and could therefore speak with a “clearer conscience.”

“As much as he wants to curry favour with Najib or polish his apple, if he is truly smart, he should know his limit in trying to defend his boss and shouldn’t kill himself in the process,” he said.

He pointed out that some publications as well as himself and many other public figures had already listed questions that required Arul’s candid answers. “He can’t be bullshitting in the glare of the entire nation and the world, especially not to the discerning and enlightened lot,” he said.

Referring to the proposed debate between Arul and PKR Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli, Dzulkefly said he was certain that Arul would try to “wriggle out with lame excuses, knowing that Rafizi is an able debater who has a lot of business savvy with his high-end corporate finance experience.”

If Arul had nothing to hide, he added, he should, “in Najib’s and Barisan Nasional’s best interest,” take the opportunity to “openly defend 1MDB, thrash and trounce Rafizi, and shame all of 1MDB’s critics.”

“But mark my words,” he said, “Arul will dare not debate Rafizi because he knows too well that he can’t defend the indefensible.”

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