An open letter to PM @NajibRazak – Dzulkefly Ahmad

Permit me to remind you, Right Honourable Prime Minister (PM) that this is my third open letter since you took the helm of this much embattled and now failing nation.

By any reckoning, today is a crucial moment, as the tens of thousands Bersih 4 demonstrators waited yesterday in vain, for the PM to either graciously exit or confess of his “sins of omissions and commissions”.

Yet as time is quickly running out and as Bersih’s unprecedented-34-hour rally ended at when the clock strikes 12 on Merdeka Day, I am sending these messages to you in simple and an unambiguous terms.

Since you have fully utilised your constitutional power, alas, even going beyond, by usurping the power of others, as to deceitfully evade and dodge a proper investigation, I am taking this opportunity “to put you on trial”.

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One thought on “An open letter to PM @NajibRazak – Dzulkefly Ahmad

  1. You are wasting your time with this pachyderm, you are just wasting your time, what you are doing is throwing pearls among the swine. Najib has now gone the road of no return but sadly he is also taking with him the members of the cabinet.But sorry to say it really does matter anymore because by the time when the next GE they will all be gone anyway. The good thing is they are already a minority elected bunch of ass licking ministers, they might as well enjoy the time left for them but that is all about to end.
    Holding onto the administration is long enough but just like everything good or bad must have an end, even the crafty half breed Mahathir, who is responsible for the shambles that the nation is presently facing must realised the little support, if there ever is, that he has is fast diminishing is only an illusion. He is now turning to Bersih 4 for his support but i must say is way to late. The damage he did during his tenure of 22 years are now just coming to haunt him and the country, it will take more than a generation, may be two, for his marginalization policy to be addressed.
    It is not an easy task to replace the 96% Malay in the civil services but it is aways better to be late than never !

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