GHB: Gabungan baru untuk sejagatkan Islam

  Abdul Rahim Sabri 1:58PM – 18 Aug 2015 (MKini)

Parti Islam baru, yang digerakkan bekas pemimpin kanan PAS dan badan-badan NGO, akan menyertai gabungan baru bersama PKR dan DAP demi ‘meluaskan’ sifat inklusif dalam Islam.

Setiausaha Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad berkata langkah itu demi menunjukkan Islam sebagai agama rahmah dan mampu bekerjasama, bukan mengasingkan diri dan memandang rendah pihak lain.

“Muafakat ini (gabungan pembangkang baru) sebagai wasilah untuk menunjukkan Islam yang sejagat dimana semua kaum dan agama merasakan selamat dan diberikan keadilan dibawah naungannya,” katanya ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini.

“Kita tidak mahu menimbulkan satu persepsi bahawa Islam ini adalah untuk kelompok Melayu- Muslim sahaja (apabila Pakatan Rakyat terungkai) bahkan akan menimbulkan persepsi bahawa gerakan Islam telah mengambil jalur pemikiran ‘Muslim Nationalism’ dan bukan Islam yang Sejagat-Universal dan Inklusif.

“Ia memberi satu tanggapan buruk kepada Islam yang tidak lagi menzahirkan sifat inklusifnya,” katanya lagi.

Media melaporkan parti Islam itu bakal dinamakan sebagai parti Amanah Rakyat tetapi pemimpin GHB itu enggan mengesahkannya buat masa ini.

Anggota bukan Islam

Tokoh DAP Lim Kit Siang hari ini berkata satu gabungan baru pembangkang dapat dibentuk sempena Hari Malaysia 16 September ini, jika parti Islam baru dibentuk menjelang 31 Ogos.

Pembentukan gabungan baru itu sedikit sebanyak dilihat akan mewujudkan landskap baru politik tanah air apabila PAS, sebuah lagi pembangkang berpengaruh, akan bergerak sendirian.

Sementara itu, Dzulkefly berkata terdapat sambutan luar jangkaan masyarakat terhadap penubuhan parti baru khususnya daripada komuniti Cina dan India, disamping kaum Melayu-Islam, dibandar, pinggir bandar dan luar bandar.

Sambung di sini….

One thought on “GHB: Gabungan baru untuk sejagatkan Islam

  1. It is imminent for Najib to leave Putrajaya, the only question remains is how soon ? The Umno scum is already a minority elected government not to mention the gerrymandering plus the support of all the ‘partners’. And now the scums in Umno are fighting amongst themselves and as a consequent what will be left of Umno ? The light at the end of the tunnel is near and hopefully a less corrupt regime will emerge from all these scandals after scandals.
    After blatantly impeding all the efforts and attempts to investigate and to look into the whole scandal Najib is now using the advantage of an incumbent PM.A skill he must have learnt from his mentor. Again please remember he was hand picked by someone who has a track record of failing in everything he touches. Especially all the policies he implemented during the 22 years as PM. The trees and plants he planted are now maturing and starting to bear the kind of fruits they are.
    The half breed never sincerely trained or prepared the people he wanted to help. He put them in the civil services to acquire and to become the lazy and corrupt that they have become and famous for.Worst of all he gave them ‘tongkats and wheelchairs’ just to show he was helping them.
    When in fact he was out to destroy a whole generation or even two during all the 22 years he was in office. He did these just so they get the impression that he was doing was to help them. When the truth is he was covering their mouth so that he was able to continue stealing and robbing them all in the name of being a Malay. He never was a Malay, can the mating of a donkey and a horse come a donkey or a horse ? A hinny it will be and only a hinny will try to claim to be a horse or a donkey, just like the half breed claiming to be a Malay. He is a true ‘chap chong’ !
    He succeeded to become the richest man in Asia may be also in the world. He also succeeded to make one his sons a multi millionaire or even a billionaire and another a MB, a position be bargained from Najib before all the scandals that are now taking place even though the position of the MB is about to be removed !
    He is now dipping his hands into the already empty and in deficit national coffer. He is putting his hands in there to bribe all the lawmakers to help keep him stay afloat. These are indeed actions of a very desperate man trying everything just to remain in power, Nevertheless with all these he can only delay his departure from Putrajaya but he still has to go at the end of all these endeavours.
    Take it from me at the end of all these scandals, one thing or sure will emerge, all the jumping ‘frogs’ from the cabinet will also emerge to reveal their true colours. So sad and so bad, just pray hard you Najib that you will not have to join the lusty Anwar in jail and be careful what might happen to your backside. See you in Bugis my classmate from St. John !

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