Harapan Baru mulls 1MDB ‘disaster’ fund : ‘Kampung Report’ mobilises the Rakyat to Enligthen the Rakyat.

By Zikri Kamarulzaman (MKini)

Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) has welcomed former PAS vice president Husam Musa’s suggestion for the movement to take up efforts to distribute hard copy materials regarding 1MDB scandal to rural areas.Speaking to Malaysiakini, GHB secretary Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (photo) described it as a disaster fund, that will involve people from all walks of life.“It is a disaster fund, (1MDB is) a disaster which affects the people. It’s not so much about the money, but the mobilisation of resources […] cutting across all social barriers to get the message about 1MDB across.”Those with money can help (finance operations), those with energy can help distribute and disseminate (the material), those who can generate ideas can contribute ideas, and those who are good with printing can help too,” he said.

Husam in a statement today proposed the setting up of a “Kampung Report” to fill the void left after the government blocked access to whistleblower site Sarawak Report.

Husam urged GHB to set up a fund to enable the Kampung Report to print hard copy materials to be distributed in rural areas without internet access.

This he said, will ensure that information about 1MDB’s ‘sins’ reaches all Malaysians.

In line with movement’s struggle

Dzulkefly said GHB has reacted positively to the idea when Husam (photo) told them about it, but have yet to agree on a name.

He added that the idea to enlighten people about the 1MDB is in line with the movement’s struggle.

“The reason we exist is to take up issues concerning the people, and 1MDB is one of the most burning issues affecting the rakyat currently.

“(So) there is a need for GHB, which is an NGO for the time being to get this message about 1MDB across,” Dzulkefly said.

GHB is led by progressive PAS leaders, who were booted out from the Islamist party’s central leadership last month.

They are mulling the formation of a new more inclusive Islamist party, to take over PAS’ role in a new opposition pact with PKR and DAP.

One thought on “Harapan Baru mulls 1MDB ‘disaster’ fund : ‘Kampung Report’ mobilises the Rakyat to Enligthen the Rakyat.

  1. From the day WSJ was published I was and still am sure that this PM Najib will never ever dare to sue WSJ. Whatever he was or shall I say his team of half cooked legal eagles from Umno was only trying to distract the attentions of the Malaysians from the main issues. They never ever dared nor do they ever had the legal avenues to sue WSJ. To begin with sue WSJ for what ? What WSJ published was that US$2- billion went into the accounts of Najib and wasn’t that the truth, you can’t twist or try and distort that. Most of all you don’t even need a school boy to differentiate that, not to mention the team of half baked legal eagles to know that. But that is what the team of half baked lawyers are good and known for in Malaysia, outside of Malaysia where Umno has no control or influence this team of lawyers their ‘expertise’ will truly reflect what they are good at, good for nothing.
    No doubt the reply they got was that WSJ stands firm on whatever they published and to date they or Najib didn’ dare take the issue any further not to mention to sue them. To sue them what a joke it was and a true reflection of what these nincompoops they really are. Once again I challenge them to sue the WSJ, sue them for all that they are worth and just like now nothing will happen !
    najib is only able to try and distract the attention of the people with all kinds of issues and subjects except suing them. He is good at suing the media in Malaysia with all sort of excuses. This is the kind of government you have at Putrajaya especially a minority elected government and also with illegal means. Now you know why all the cabinet ministers are not able to utter anything except to show their support for Najib ! Sorry for the half breed they are just doing what you have taught them. It is only a true reflection of what Umno is !

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