PM Najib, your time is up sir, Game Over!

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Secretary of G-18 for Gerakan Harapan Baru [GHB]

1. Granted, that the damning expose by both Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Sarawak Report of the transfer of some US$700 million to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s personal account heralded Najib’s Waterloo, is a fait accompli and foregone.

2. Perusing the sensational exposition, one couldn’t help thinking that it is neither concocted nor a decoy personally contrived by Najib to divert media attention. Purporting it as a political sabotage, by political nemesis, doesn’t reduce its grave consequences on Najib.

3. Going by its incriminating details conducted by investigators for the Malaysian authorities as reported, Najib has truly met his Waterloo. Yes, he has finally been nuked by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a perceived monster or more appropriately a “trojan horse” he personally helped to create to “embezzle funds” for his “do-or-die” election mission of the 13th general election in 2013.

4. What a way to end an otherwise “promising legacy” of Najibnomics, are both extremely perplexing, much as it is most disgraceful and devastating to his entire political career.5. Going by the expose, what else needs investigating? The beneficiary’s account in an AmBank in Kuala Lumpur (for high networth individuals), belongs to Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Period. There has not been any outright denial on that exposition.

6. All doubts about its accuracy, amount and dates of transactions, could also simply be verified, by a single phone call by the investigating authority to the AmBank branch concerned.

7. Do not spend a single ringgit more of the public fund to institute any form of a Commission of Investigation, much less a Royal one, after billions have already been plundered. The case isn’t deserving at all to warrant such action.

8. By far, the largest amount deposited of US$620 million and US$61 million were in March 2013, in the heat of the general election campaign. The cash came from a company registered in the British Virgin Islands via a Swiss bank owned by an Abu Dhabi state fund. The rest is history. All other details are already amply available. It is now for the Attorney-General to act without further ado.

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One thought on “PM Najib, your time is up sir, Game Over!

  1. Just look at him now and compare his posture before now, he used to walk with his chest high but in the last few days he is walking with his heads looking down all the time. An imperious man he is and I am even willing to bet that he must be staying up all night long since this shamble began.

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