G18 (Harapan Baru) wants thorough probe into alleged Mara corruption scandal

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25, 2015:


PAS’ Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (centre) holding a copy of the police report outside the Dang Wangi police station after lodging a report over the alleged Mara graft scandal. – TRP pic by Arfa Yunus

By: Arfa Yunus

G18, a group comprising PAS progressives, urged police to conduct a thorough investigation into the Mara scandal, regardless of the status of the individuals involved.

The group’s secretary Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said, the expose by Australian daily, The Age on the property scam linked to the government-linked agency, was the reason why the group decided to lodge a police report today.

“We urge the police to conduct an immediate investigation into this because it involves prominent people in the government such as a high ranking officer in Mara and a politician from Umno,” he said, when met by reporters outside Dang Wangi police station here today.

The Age had, two days ago, carried an exposé  on a property purchased by Mara in Melbourne.

The report titled “Corrupt Malaysia money distorts Melbourne market” claimed the purchase of The Dudley House, a property in Melbourne, was supposed to be sold at RM51.5 million.

However, the report said, it was bought at a cost of RM65.4 million, which was an additional sum of RM13.8 million.

Shah Alam lawmaker Khalid Samad, who was also present, said the “habit” of government officials “spending the public’s money at leisure” needed to stop immediately.

“This is a breach of trust. RM13.8 million is a lot. Is this the kind of behaviour that should be shown by government officials?

“It was because of The Age‘s report that we have come to know of this story. What about other cases that we don’t know about?

“This is where G18 steps in. We bring hope to the people and make sure their voices are hear. (We are the Harapan Baru)”

One thought on “G18 (Harapan Baru) wants thorough probe into alleged Mara corruption scandal

  1. This is the consequent of NEP, first the people behind the conception of the idea was most commendable. They were of the pinions that 30 years was enough time for the ideas to achieve the aim unfortunately when the repugnant, avaricious half breed became the PM. he hijacked the whole idea and turned it into a vehicle for himself to become the richest man in Asia and most of all for his son to become a multi millionaire or even a billionaire. He was too busy coming up with mega projects to enable himself to collect the ‘ 10 or 20 commissions’ that he is famous for.
    Take for example the land to build the KLIA was purchased as a palm oil plantation and then sold it by the square feet to the government. He was too busy collecting his ‘commissions’ and had no time to implement the NEP, as a result he extended the 30 years indefinitely just to show his undying support for the policy. He also had the corruptible civil servants appointed to oversee the implementation of the NEP. More important these officials must have learnt from him how to become very rich men and also to take their share of the wealth.
    As a consequent of all that these Mara officials have become bolder and bolder with each passing day and there is no way of stopping their greeds all in the name of helping the Malays. This must be one of the reasons why NEP is being extended just to enable the corruptions to go on. To make matter worse the half breed is now calling this policy a success just to justify the continuation of the policy. How can it be a success when first the policy has to be extended ? Also it is now 46 years since NEP was introduced and the country must have spent billions or even trillions of ringgits to realise the aspirations of the policy.
    Therefore Malaysia should have an excess of skillful professionals and if that is so why is that the Talent Corp was formed to go round the world begging the immigrated professionals to return to serve the country. Also why was there the need to offer incentive and added incentives to return to serve the country ? And also according to the former health minister Malaysia needs 200 Oncologists but has only less than 60 of them in the entire country.
    Obviously the whole concept of NEP is hijacked and manipulated by the half breed in the name of helping the Malays. I have no qualms to lend a helping hand to my fellow Malays brothers and sisters but after 46 years and having spent billions or even trillions all we are able to see are corruptible officials. Is sending NEP students to NZ to do medicine in 4 years and then bring them back to be qualified as doctors ? And you call this a success ?
    Is that why Malaysia has all these doctor quacks and are unable to find them enough of employments ?

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