Najib’s poor budgeting skills ‘worrying’

2:23PM Mar 23, 2015 (MKini)

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has not shown any intention in restraining the government’s expenditure by asking for supplementary budgets every year without fail since 2009, said PAS central executive committee member Dzulkefly Ahmad today.

Commenting on the tabling of the 2014 supplementary bill for RM2.2 billion today, the second for the year, Dzulkefly (left) said Najib is asking for more money despite the declining value of the ringgit and fall in prices of crude oil ,resulting in less income to the country.

“75 percent of the supplementary budget asked for since 2009 when Najib became prime minister, is for operational costs. It should have been planned ahead. Not much is left for development. If it was, maybe federal lawmakers can understand.

“Najib should be more prudent in asking for more money from the legislature bearing in mind the declining value of the ringgit, the fall in prices of crude oil, and the IMDB fiasco.

“The supplementary budget will certainly hurt the country’s deficit further,” the PAS CEC member told Malaysiakini.

The PAS Research Centre director and former Kuala Selangor MP.called on lawmakers to tighten the government’s purse in light of problems faced by 1MDB.

Dismayed at supplementary budgets

Kluang MP, Liew Chin Tong, also told Malaysiakini that he is deeply dismayed that the finance minister has a habit of seeking two supplementary budgets which reflects poorly on his planning and ability to predict an accurate budget.

“It shouldn’t be standard operating procedure to have two supplementary budgets.

“If the government feels that the annual budgeting method is not viable in the constantly changing global economy, then it should come back to Parliament to reform its rules to allow for two presentations of the budget per year, one major one and a mid-year review, as practised in Australia.

“The downside of presenting supplementary budgets is that the original budget surplus or deficit figure would never be correct thus giving an inaccurate picture of the fiscal health of the government,” DAP lawmaker Liew (right) warned.

The 2014 supplementary budget seeks an allocation of RM2.2 billion. RM1.2 billion is sought for the Treasury, followed by RM428 million for the Education Ministry, and RM287 million for the Public Services Department.

2 thoughts on “Najib’s poor budgeting skills ‘worrying’

  1. The biggest tragic mistake is to have someone, who knows nothing about finance, to be in charge of the nation’s finance minister as well as the PM. Someone who has never shown any skill with budgeting, therefore one cannot that will happen to him to day. I was with him at St. John and he had never ever shown to be frugal with his wealth. His love for beautiful woman and luxury are well known even at his young age and most of all with a wife like Rosmah around, Najib’s problem has compounded. Also he must know all that is coming around the corner soon and that is why he is making hay while the sun is still shinning. It will not come the second time !

  2. I can assure you that the same thing will not happen this time round or shall I say at the rate things go I can say for certain that he wouldn’t be around long enough for that. In fact all the Umno schmucks now in Putrajaya too will not get to do that also.
    A lot of Malay Malaysians got inspired by the demise of LKY and what a truly dedicated politician is, he didn’t build all the mega white elephants just so to ‘collect’ the mega ‘commissions’ that went with them. He just spent his time doing what is best for Singapore,
    he didn’t try to marginalise the minority races just so the Chinese are able to be seen to progress. He made sure all Singaporeans are given the chance to learn how to be truly independent and thus to become truly learned and skillful.
    Most important of, to day, they are able to make a descent living without having to depend on the colour of their skin, a most sustainable way to earn a living. Unlike the avaricious and repugnant Mahathir who had to marginalise all the non Malays, who are all Malaysians born and bred in this country. Just so the Malays are seen to have done well, when in fact he had bred a generation of them to become so well known for being lazy and corrupted. More important of all taking things for granted, why should that be when after all the Malays too are immigrants just like the non Malays ?
    All the policies he implemented are now beginning to bear fruits and for that reasons he ‘retired’ before the fruits of his policies begin to be reflected.just remember all the atrocities he implemented will take, if another Malaysian LKY comes along. Of course that will be most unlikely, for all the pro Malaysia policies the half breed implemented to be addressed.
    Unfortunately it might too late by then, the black gold would have run out and also there will be so few non Malay tax payers left in the country to contribute the taxes that the country needs. Sad to say a lot of them would have immigrated to other countries. Will all the haram activities companies that are now operating in Malaysia, will these companies be around to continue paying the much needed taxes that Malaysia’s survival will depend on ?
    These are the results of 58 years under the rule of Umno, what a bloody shamble ! Get rid of these Umno scums before the above mentioned scenario takes place and also while the black gold is still worth only less than 50%.
    To survive Malaysia will by then have to borrow or sell the twin towers, the international airport plus all the white elephants to enterprises from Singapore. Right now Singapore has more than a trillion ringgits in their reserve and even Selangor MB is now talking about going to Singapore how to build the flats for the inhabitants in Selangor.

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