Managing ‘Differences’ and ‘Dissent’ amicably in the public sphere – MPF on ‘Prominent Muslims’.


MPF welcomes this initiative as we have always been engaging civil societies and encouraging dialogue.

Between the looming threat of neo – conservative Islam and hyper-liberal Islam, there is an even urgent need to tread the middle path as enshrined in the Quran in Al Baqarah, Chapter  2:143, “Thus we have appointed you a middle nation, that you may be witness against mankind…”

These acutely polarised positions of Islam has obviously disturbed the conscience and intellect of the “Malay Elite” but more critically it has defied the concept of “wasathiyah” or middle path.

There is a pressing need to celebrate the tradition of at-Tasaamuh or being mutually respectful  and Al-Muruunah or being flexible which inevitably calls for managing ‘Differences’ and ‘Dissent’ amicably in the public sphere within the Muslim Ummah and all the more so in the bigger context and constituency of the nation.

Being inflexible and oftentimes judgemental to the point of a penchant to pronounce others as ‘unislamic’ or even ‘kafir’, in peripheral issues (khilafiah) and realms where differences are permitted, would spell doom for this very plural nation of ours.

We strongly encourage all to participate in the ensuing discourse and together articulate in meaningful ways the views of authentic mainstream Islam on important issues of the day, legal or otherwise (within the ambit of the Maqasid Syari’ah and the guiding principles of the Quran and the authentic tradition of the Prophet… line).

Board of Directors

One thought on “Managing ‘Differences’ and ‘Dissent’ amicably in the public sphere – MPF on ‘Prominent Muslims’.

  1. No matter what are being proposed and by who the end results will inevitably be the same as long as the ratios of the population are not reflected therein. Right now just look at the civil servants 96% in the employ are of one race when the rest of the people in the country are being ignored and neglected. What does that tell you, you don’t need to have the brain of a genus to know what that will bring.
    Please remember I have never advocated that any one race be marginalised, it all started by the ever repugnant and avaricious Mahahtir. He did that not to gain any favour from the Malays but to avoid being looked into the many atrocious actions he took. Most of all to continue enriching himself to become the richest man in Asia. Especially when he is never a Malay himself, he is a half breed and anyone has any doubt about what I have got to say just have his DNA tested. The true results will be established and if the special privileges for the Malays are to be taken out of equation. He will be the first to deny he is a Malay !
    A further proof of what I have said is, how come he was able to build so many white elephants at billion of ringgits but he is unable to elevate the million of poor Malays out of their poverties ? The simple answer to these is he never ever cares for the Malays because he is not one himself.
    Right now he still pretends he cares for the Malays when the truth is he is just trying to impede being investigated for the billions and the atrocities he committed !
    So the real and the only answer to the problem Malaysia is facing to day is to have the ratios of the population of this country reflected in everything the country is doing. How many of these important and learned Malays are prepared to have this suggestion implemented ? One thing it will surely arrest is to impede further immigration of the professionals even though millions of them have already immigrated, including some 22,000 Malays who are now residing in Perth.

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