PAS: Govt urges to have a ceiling price for both petrol, diesel and allow for competition

Last updated on 4 December 2014 – 05:39pm

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS has called on the government to impose a ceiling price for petrol and diesel so as to allow petrol stations to compete with each other which will then give vehicle owners the option of filling their tanks at the station which offers the lowest price.

“The rakyat must benefit and a healthy competition on the price of petrol and diesel will be good,” said PAS research centre executive director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

He said this mechanism has been implemented in the United Kingdom where consumers are allowed to choose petrol kiosks to suit their needs.

“Currently in Malaysia, Petronas has 1,000 stations, Petron 500 and Shell has more than 1,000 outlets. Consumers can choose their stations if the mechanism on pricing is in place,” he said, adding that the government should consider looking into this proposal for the benefit of the rakyat.

He also suggested for the replacement of MOPS (Mean of Platts Singapore) with another benchmark as the country has its own infrastructure to produce and filter crude oil for the nation’s consumption.

MOPS is the variable value which is used as an automatic pricing mechanism used in managing the float on fuel prices.

2 thoughts on “PAS: Govt urges to have a ceiling price for both petrol, diesel and allow for competition

  1. What a fantastic suggestion, but will the tenants at Putrajaya take onto the proposal ?
    The answer is obvious it is no, that is why they are where they are, on the verge of disappearing. Nothing good is ever embraced or else Malaysia would not be where they are now. Once again with the prices of oil as it is now, especially with no sight of the bottom, will it sell off the twin tower when it runs out of money for the budget ?

  2. The present oil price saga is only the beginning for the fall of Malaysia, just wait for the price of oil is surely going to go south further. It will continue to head the same direction and it will come a time when it is going to cost more to drill for the oil than the oil itself.
    What will happen then ? The very thought of all the handicappers in Umno cannot any longer demand for the tongkats, wheelchairs and so on and so forth.
    Most important of all many of the half breeds will suddenly leave Umno and calling themselves anything but Malays. There are no more incentives for them to be Malays and will revert back to be Indonesians, mamaks, Arabs, and anything but Malays.

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