Major Zaidi’s guilty of having courage, court told…..You Will Never Walk Alone…We’re All With You!

Oct 20, 2014

Royal Malaysian Air Force Major Zaidi Ahmad’s only crime is his courage when he publicly spoke out on problems with the electoral process, said defence lawyer Hanipa Maidin.

“His only crime is being courageous. He should not be taken action against, he should be given a medal instead,” Hanipa told a military court today in his final submission.

Zaidi in the last general election revealed that the Election Commission’s (EC) indelible ink used on his finger during the polls process could be washed off.

He was subsequently court marshalled on seven charges for disobedience under Section 51 of the Armed Forces Act 1972.

Among the charges include making statement to the media without the Defence Ministry’s authorisation and use of military channels

Hanipa (right) argued that the prosecution failed to produce clear evidence to support the charges.

He said Zaidi had only made the media statement in his capacity as a registered voter and therefore did not violate military law.

‘Military has no power to investigate’

“The indelible ink is not supplied by the military and it does not have power to investigate because the election and the ink are under the Election Commission,” Hanipa told the court hearing at the Sungai Besi Royal Malaysian Air Force base today.

Three of the five charges Zaidi is facing are making public statements without authorisation, leaking official information to the media and using military channels without approval.

The other more charges, for which he has yet to be tried, concern text messages sent out by Zaidi, which are said to contain political undertones.

Meanwhile, the prosecution, led by Major Ahmad Azam Soip, only made its winding up arguments on the first three charges.

Ahmad said the prosecution will leave the fourth and fifth charges, which concern unauthorised used of Armed Forces channels, to the courts to decide.

After the winding up arguments, presiding judge Colonel Saadon Hasnan said the court will anounce whether there is a primae facie case against Zaidi at 2pm next Monday.

2 thoughts on “Major Zaidi’s guilty of having courage, court told…..You Will Never Walk Alone…We’re All With You!

  1. This is how the Umno dorky and schmucks are loosing the support of the Malays ! Now Najib should know by now how he became the minority elected regime.

  2. To the former minister of misinformation,


    Typical of someone who is trying to avoid answering the question,no one has ever try to question you or the Malays in particular, that the Malays came here first. You should therefore try, if you can, to contradict the topics that the Malays too are pendatang just like all the others. The other minorities of this country have no qualms being called pemdatangs or pretending that they are sons of the soil. Even worse calling the land that belongs to the Orang Asli, tanah Melayu.
    How could you rob that from the real sons of the land . Haven’t you got any shame in you, after having robbed the land off the Orang Asli and then calling it tanah Melayu and Malaya just so you can legitimize your claim. Who was the one who call this land Melayu, please do a little research on the history of Malaya, are the whites the sons of Australia or America . The whites in both Australia or America can call themselves
    Americans and Australians but they realise that but at least they don’t call themselves sons of the soil like you do.

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