FIMA Gaza Relief Updates No: 27
The FIMA annual council meeting was held in Arusha, Tanzania from 7-8 August 2014. The following resolution was passed. As part of operationalising our plan of action, a joint summit was held with all our affiliates & global partners. Pictures of members involved to follow. Some were however held up with another FIMA Adduction Working a Group summit!
From 9-10 Aug FIMA joined IMANA in their annual scientific conference. IMANA & 9 others were the founder members of FIMA on 31 Dec 1981 in Orlando, Floridaphoto(11)

photo(12)Israel launched its campaign of collective punishment of Gazans called “Protective Edge” on 8 July 2014 and caused unprecedented mayhem and destruction. The  unrelenting brutal assault by air, sea and land strikes resulted in over 18,800 deaths and 9,600 severe injuries, the majority of whom were innocent women and children. More than 10,000 civilian homes were destroyed displacing 500,000 people seeking shelter in UN schools and families.

In addition, mosques, schools, hospitals and primary health clinics were either severely damaged or destroyed. Ambulances, used to retrieve the injured and wounded or transport between health facilities were also targeted with 36 destroyed beyond repair. The health services were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of casualties already handicapped by critical lack of essential drugs and other consumables.
The civil infrastructure was also severely damaged impairing essential services and supply of clean water, electricity and sanitation precipitating a humanitarian crisis in this besieged strip.
FIMA and its partners responded immediately to this humanitarian crisis by supplying essential drugs, consumables and equipments as well as food, drinking water and other humanitarian aid.
These consisted of  2 convoys of 23 trucks containing essential supplies worth $700,000. Our partners Doctors  World Wide Turkey transferred $250,000 worth of medical and surgical supplies. 4 ambulances were transported via Irez crossings.  5  WHO health  kits (IEHK)  serving the health needs of 50,000 for 3 months  were airlifted by IMANA and awaiting clearance for entry into Gaza. 2 Medical teams of seasoned surgeons were commissioned in the various hospitals in Gaza and assisting in the care, treatment and rehabilitation of the severely wounded casualties.
FIMA unconditionally condemns these violations of all humanitarian laws and calls for a permanent ceasefire and viable resolution to the conflict in the occupied territories of Palestine. FIMA further pledges to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the health services in Gaza with the following interventions:
1.      Coordinating medical missions of specialists assisting the MOH Gaza  with patient care and training
2.      Delivering 20 equipped ambulances for transportation of patients
3.      Supply of essential medicines, medical equipments, surgical consumables and equipments as requested by the MOH Gaza.
4.      Securing the release and transfer of the 5 Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK)
5.      Convening an international conference of service providers to address the long-term rehabilitation of the population on both humanitarian and medical grounds

photo(7)Chairman in yellow Dr Ashraf forensic psychiatrist FIMA/IMA South Africa. To his right Dr Musa paediatrician FIMA/VPM. Dr Intizar ophthalmologist FIMA/IMA Pakistan. Dr Parvaiz plastic surgeon FIMA/IMANA. Dr Aly endocrinologist FIMA/Islamic Hospital Jordan. Dr Muhamad Hassan AMU. Dr Omar Hospital Director IMA Egypt. Prof Iqbal vascular surgeon Pakistan IMA. Prof Jurnalis Indonesian IMA. Dr Ammar IMA Jordan. Others not in pictures to follow!

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