DONORS of the World! Please help to rehabilitate the savage assault on medical facilities in Gaza.




26 Ramadhan 1435 / 24 July 2014


Reports from Gaza narrated that Hospitals have not been spared of the Israeli attacks.

In Shuhada Al Aqsa Hospital, Central Gaza, 4 persons were killed and 20 injured. Wafa Hospital in East Gaza and Hospital in Beit Hanun, North Gaza were also attacked. 23 health facilities in Gaza have sustained damage. This is against all norms of accepted international warfare ethics.

There is massive shortage of drugs (28%) and disposables (50%). MOH Gaza requires USD 3.2 million monthly to secure the needed drugs and disposables. They require immediately 8 anesthesia machines, 10 ventilators, 5 electrosurgical units, 20 vital sign monitors, ECG machines, 5 defibrillators. There is also a need for fuel as  to run the hospitals basic operations. Al Shifa hospital urgently needs neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, plastic and general surgeons, and orthopedic specialists, as well as 20 ICU beds, a digital C-ARM machine for orthopedic surgeries, three operation tables and a lighting system for the five operation rooms.

The FIMA convoy is set to move to Rafah sometime today to deliver USD 500K of medicines & surgical equipments and disposables. This is the second consignment after the first 7 trucks moved in on the fifth day of the invasion on 13 July 2014. Mercy Malaysia has procured USD30K medical supplies and USD100K medicines from AMU (Arab Medical union). Aqsa Syarif Malaysia has procured USD60K medical & surgical supplies and donated USD120K for the purchase of 4 ambulances. Viva Palestine Malaysia has sent USD50K for medical supplies and USD90K for three ambulances.
Doctors World Wide Turkey (DWW) is planning to purchase a total of USD500K worth of medical, surgical supplies and ambulances. South Africa has raised 1 million Rands for medical relief. 5 WHO Health kits weighing 5,000 kgs airlifted by Islamic Medical Association North America (IMANA is presently at Cairo Airport due to be transported to Gaza via Rafah. And with other contributions from Islamic Medical Associations (IMA) and charity organization in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan a total of 20 ambulances will be bought for the MOH Gaza.

All FIMA doctors are now stationed in Cairo. Egypt has tightened check point controls all the way leading to Rafah. No foreign personnel is allowed to travel pass Ismailia and those who manage to get through up to el-Arish have been escorted back to Cairo by the military.

Our FIMA representatives in Cairo are still in negotiations with the Egyptian authorities. We have been given verbal consent to enter Gaza but are still awaiting written permission from the Egyptian authorities.


Thus far, 16 days of the invasion, only 5 European doctors have been allowed into Gaza to relief the fatigued and overworked doctors in the MOH Gaza. Let us pray that we are allowed into Gaza to ease the strain on the Gazan doctors.


A Tunisian plane bound for Gaza loaded with medicines and medical supplies was refused permission to land by Egyptian authorities. The plane was supposed to air lift patients who sustained serious wounds during the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza to receive treatment in Tunis.


We further appeal to all our generous individual and corporate donors to help rehabilitate the struggling medical facilities in Gaza.

All forms of generous contributions are acceptable including Zakat & Sadaqah. Kindly find our banking details, for your banking convenience as attached below.  Kindly email your corporate logo to for our display banners on the trucks.

May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions during this blessed month of Ramadhan.


Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)

Director, FIMA Relief 


A/C Name: FIMA

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Constantia branch: 025309

A/C No: 071848770

SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ          


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)

Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia


Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad

Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Account no : 5-64324-601324

Swift Code : MBBEMYKL


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