In solidarity with Prof Redzuan, Saifuddin resigns as a senior research fellow in UM

Harakahdaily – TS | 30 Jun 2014.

Former Temerloh MP Saifuddin Abdullah from UMNO announces today that he had resigned as senior research fellow in Universiti Malaya in solidarity with the ousting of Prof Redzuan Othman as Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMCEDEL) director and as the dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FSSS).

“Because of some instructions from certain parties in the Education Ministry, recently he was asked to resign as UMCEDEL director. But he did not spread the news.

Today his tenure as the dean is not renewed (although he was voted in by lecturers from FSSS). The story was published by The Malaysian Insider today,” wrote Saifuddin in a Facebook posting.

Saifuddin said he knew about the news earlier from Redzuan and also UM vice president.

He added Redzuan had accepted both decisions with open heart.

“In the name of academic freedom and in solidarity with him, I have resigned as a senior research fellow in UM today,” said Saifuddin.

Redzuan made his name with his work at UMCEDEL that have published many survey findings on Malaysian politics.

UMCEDEL’s surveys, which have proven to be reliable, have often put Barisan Nasional in the defensive prior to the 13th General Election – because the majority of Malaysianswere losin g confidence in BN. Although BN managed to win the 13th GE, they lost on popular votes to Pakatan Rakyat.

Redzuan’s tenure as UMCEDEL director that started on February 26, 2012, supposed to end on December 31, 2014.

Those in Education Ministry could have waited for another few months. Now, even without UMCEDEL’s survey, this action of forcing Redzuan out would definitely inked another black dot on the people perception about BN.

 And this, probably just proves that Redzuan may have lost the battle, but win the war.

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