Washington Backs Egypt’s New Dictator – CATO INSTITUTE…Shame on U Obama! Words r Cheap!


As expected, the presidential election in Egypt confirmed Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the country’s new leader.  It was not exactly the model of a free and fair election.  Not only had el-Sisi, as the leader of the coup that ousted President Mohamed Morsi, been Egypt’s de facto ruler for months, but his military colleagues (and their weaponry) were firmly behind his presidential candidacy.

Security forces had killed hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members, Morsi’s political base, and jailed thousands of others, including Morsi himself.  Subservient Egyptian judicial tribunals imposed death sentences on more than eight hundred regime opponents, following trials that did not meet even the most meager standards of due process, in just the past two months.

Western observers, including a Cato colleague, noted the pervasive censorship in the weeks leading up to the election.  Government-run media outlets maintained a steady barrage of images vilifying Morsi and hailing el-Sisi as the savior of the nation.

The images in the so-called private outlets (the ones that the junta had not shut down) provided images and editorial commentary nearly indistinguishable from the official government publications.

Under such circumstances, the outcome was as predictable as the Crimean “referendum” that ratified Russia’s takeover.  El-Sisi won with nearly 93 percent of the vote.  The only flaw in this orchestrated farce was a low voter turnout, the one permissible way to protest Egypt’s slide back into dictatorship.

But while the Obama administration repeatedly and harshly criticized the electoral charade in Crimea, U.S. officials portrayed the Egyptian election as progress toward democracy.  There was a time when U.S. leaders routinely castigated bogus elections in communist countries that produced wildly lopsided majorities for the incumbent regime.  No such criticism was forthcoming in this case, just as Washington didn’t denounce the earlier balloting for the new Egyptian constitution that produced a 98 percent favorable vote. 

The Obama administration’s hypocrisy is certain to deepen the already alarming cynicism throughout the Muslim world about U.S. policy.  One need not shed tears for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who embodied ugly theocratic values and practices.  But basic decency should have dictated a policy of U.S. neutrality regarding Egypt’s political convulsions.

Instead, Washington is moving to embrace the new “friendly tyrant,” just as a succession of administrations embraced the corrupt, thuggish Hosni Mubarak for three decades.  As I note in a recent article in Gulan, Washington has even agreed to deliver 10 Apache attack helicopters to Cairo.

Repressive regimes have never been reluctant to use such high-tech military aircraft to intimidate or slaughter anti-regime forces.  It was utterly inappropriate for the Obama administration to approve such a delivery to the Egyptian junta, and one can anticipate the anti-U.S. reaction of el-Sisi’s opponents if they see those aircraft flying over Tahrir Square the next time there are anti-government demonstrations.

U.S. officials may engage in an abundance of wishful thinking or outright sophistry, but the evidence confirms that el-Sisi intends to be as much a dictator as Mubarak ever was.  Not only has he created a cult of personality typical of Third World tyrants, replete with giant photographs of the supreme leader posted throughout urban areas, but he shows a pettiness that may even exceed Mubarak’s practices.

As the New York Times reported, el-Sisi has promised to remedy Egypt’s fuel shortages by installing energy-efficient light bulbs in every home, even if he has to send a government employee to carry out each installation.  “I’m not leaving a chance for people to act on their own,” el-Sisi stated in a television interview.  “My program will be mandatory.”  Al Gore and other environmental zealots might approve, but no one who truly values individual liberty should do so.

Yet this is the ruler that Washington has embraced as a new strategic and political partner.  It should not be the U.S. mission to impose democracy throughout the world, but neither should this country be the enabler of sleazy dictatorships.  We made that error far too often during the Cold War, and it appears that some policymakers have learned nothing from that experience.


8 thoughts on “Washington Backs Egypt’s New Dictator – CATO INSTITUTE…Shame on U Obama! Words r Cheap!

  1. Now every one in the world can see, in recent times, for themselves what U.S. has always been doing is not as caring as they are trying to project themselves to be.To begin with the swapping of one U.S. soldier for five Taliban senior terrorists is a good example of what America is. Isn’t this just the opposite of what they ask every body not to do ? Don’t negotiate with the terrorists under any circumstances and even their opposition republicans are now objecting to their decisions on this.
    Another example is the recently concluded ‘Shangrila Dislouge’ wherein their defense secretary and together with the Japanese PM Abe were so provocative and inflammatory in their speeches. What are they trying to do with the only country in the world who had attacked America ? Yet to day they are not only trying to protect them, America in the name of fulfilling their obligation to look after Japan in their surrender agreement. America has in fact provided the time and opportunity for the Japanese to build up their infrastructures and arms to attack other nations and one day will come America will be attacked once more.
    The Japanese have proven that they had invaded most of South East Asian countries they say they are trying to protect during world two and yet to day they are saying they just want to protect them. Like Philippines the records will show the Japanese had killed more than 70,000 of their people during the world war two yet to day they are saying they are trying to protect them. How can one believe the words of the Japanese ? Not to mention the other atrocities thy had committed in the other South East Asian countries. You know why the Japanese are so afraid of being attacked by China ? They said you should not be too worry about someone come knocking at your door in the middle of the night if one has nothing to worry about or had done no wrong.
    The Japanese must remember what they did to the Imperial Chinese in the both times they invaded China, especially during the Nanjing massacre where the Japanese not only killed hundred of thousand of Chinese but also raped thousand of Chinese women including some who are heavily pregnant.What kind of animals are the Japanese and yet they are now paying homage to the dead soldiers. Now you know why these Japanese maniac are so worried that the Chinese will take their revenge one day soon. The best thing that should happen is for the Chinese to attack the Japanese and settle their long unsettled grievances once and for all times.
    Despite the fact that the Japanese to day, worse than Malaysia, is very heavily in debt so bad that they are not willing to let the world know how badly they are in debt is still going round offering to ‘help’ giving or loaning money out to many poorer nations. When these poor country is better off than the Japanese financially. These countries may be poor but at least they are not heavily in debt like the Japanese and America.
    Another visible provocative action of the Americans are the many military stations they have established all over the Asia are their soldiers are stationed like in Japan, Korea, and Guam, now they are even trying to get themselves back in Philippines that they were once kicked out of that country just in the last few e=decades. They are even trying to start a station in Northern Australia for their soldiers. Now who is the provocative one and who is the one who is trying to be the police men of the world.
    One advice is for them to balance their books, if ever they can. How many people realise they have to pay annually, hundred of billions, just in interest alone not to mention how long it will take them to settle what they are owing presently. No wonder a financial expert in Australia said recently the U.S. currency is worth nothing and woe is on those who hold the U.S currency when it collapses !

  2. Bila Gobind Singh Deo komen memaki hamun PAS sebagai punca kekalahan di Teluk Intan, pimpinan PAS tak berani nak lawan DAP. Inilah bukti PAS adalah pecacai suruhan tahap hamba abdi kepada DAP dalam Pakatan Rakyat selama ini.

    Lihatlah, Dr. Hasan Ali, mengkritik DAP, menentang tingkah laku DAP yang hendak mempersendakan Islam, Dr. Hasan Ali dipecat dari PAS.

    Mana dia Nik Aziz yang menuduh UMNO menentang hudud, sedangkan calon DAP, Dyna yang menentang hudud, apa pula komen Nik Aziz? Dyna tu orang Melayu, Islam, menentang hudud dan sependapat dengan DAP yang menentang hudud, pasal apa PAS berkempen untuk Dyna yang menentang hudud itu?

    Pimpinan PAS adalah ulamak politik yang jenis musang berbulu ayam, kononnya perjuangan Islam, tapi hanya perjuangan politik diri sendiri sampai sanggup jadi barua DAP.

    Serban ulama PAS itu patut gantikan dengan spender sajalah, kalau dah jadi pecacai DAP, itulah selayaknya.

    Itulah dulu hina dan tuduh UMNO macam-macam, tapi sekarang PAS berkempen kepada calon DAP yang menentang hudud, malahan PAS berkempen menyokong DAP yang menentang hudud, PAS adalah barua dan balaci kepada DAP sahajalah.

    Sedarlah anak muda sekalian, PAS tidak mampu nak berlawan dengan UMNO kerana dalam PAS mereka jenis cetek akal, hanya mementingkan dendam kesumat hingga sanggup mengikut musuh ke lubang biawak sekali pun.

    Sedarlah semua.

  3. Ada berani ke PAS mendesak DAP memecat Gobind Singh Deo sebagaimana DAP mendesak PAS memecat Dr. Hasan Ali sebelum ini?

    Ulamak PAS adalah pecacai DAP, sanggup jadi abdi suruhan kepada DAP, manakan mungkin Nik Aziz berani menentang Lim Kit Siang kerana Nik Aziz pun sekadar pecacai DAP sahajalah, hanya dalam PAS saya berlagak sebagai Mursyidul Am, tapi dalam Pakatan Rakyat, Nik Aziz sendiri adalah pecacai DAP. Sedarlah diri itu.

  4. Berani ke PAS berdebat dengan DAP mengenai hudud? PAS tak akan berani sebab PAS kecut telor berhadapan dengan DAP, di pentas ceramah sajalah tok guru dan ulamak PAS terkinja-kinja menuduh UMNO sebagai menentang hudud, tetapi di depan DAP, PAS melutut dan sanggup jadi pecacai tukang kempen kepada calon DAP walaupun calon DAP itu terang-terangan menentang hudud.

    Malahan bila PAS dimaki oleh pimpinan DAP dan dituduh sebagai punca kekalahan DAP di Teluk Intan, PAS mana berani lawan balik, dasar PAS pengecut yang menjadi pecacai suruhan yang menjadi alas kaki DAP sahajalah selama ini.


  5. Laungan PAS Ganti UMNO telah lapuk, sekarang dah jadi DAP Ganti PAS, sepatutnya PAS kena wujudkan jawatan Pengerusi PAS di mana jawatan itu diperuntukkan kepada Lim Kit Siang, kerana Nik Aziz sebagai Mursyidul Am PAS pun jadi pecacai kepada DAP. Sedarlah semua.

  6. Unit Amal PAS dikerah oleh Nik Aziz dan pimpinan PAS untuk melindungi pimpinan DAP, tetapi DAP pula memandang hina kepada PAS, sampaikan sanggup maki hamun PAS akibat kekalahan calon DAP dalam PRK Teluk Intan baru-baru ini.

    PAS nak letak mana muka tu, menyorok dalam jamban pun orang tau bahawa PAS adalah pecacai suruhan kepada DAP selama ini, sebab itulah orang-orang Melayu mengundi Mah Siew Kiong walaupun dia Cina, tapi dia tidak seperti DAP yang buruk, walaupun letak calon Melayu, tapi sekadar boneka, malahan calon Melayu DAP itu sendiri menentang hudud, tapi yang peliknya, PAS berkempen bukan main dahsyat untuk memenangkan calon DAP itu, tapi bila DAP kalah, PAS kena maki dengan DAP, itulah kalau dah dasar barua kepada DAP, maka DAP akan perlakukan PAS seperti barua sahajalah.


  7. Bila PAS bertanding ada DAP bermati-matian berkempen untuk calon PAS ke? Malahan pasal apa bila PAS kalah dalam sesuatu PRK seperti di Kuala Besut, PAS mengapakah tidak salahkan DAP yang tak berkempen pun untuk PAS, kalau ada pimpinan DAP datang pun sekadar tayang muka sajalah.

    PAS ini ibarat paria dalam Pakatan Rakyat, jenis golongan tak ada kedudukan, hanya selayak jadi pecacai dan barua sahajalah. Sebab itulah DAP boleh buat PAS sesuka hatinya. Lihatlah, DAP menentang hudud, lepas tu bila DAP kalah PRK Teluk Intan, mereka maki PAS dan mempersalahkan PAS.

    Tetapi walau apa pun, padan muka PAS, kerana kalau dah taraf paria dalam Pakatan Rakyat, itulah selayaknya diterima oleh PAS, hanya menjadi barua kepada DAP sahajalah.

    Kalau nak marah saya pun, marahlah, tapi periksalah semula bahawa memang benar PAS hanyalah bertaraf paria dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan DAP telah lama memperkudakan PAS dan tok guru dan ulama PAS pun dah kecut telor tak berani membela kebenaran kerana takut hilang sokongan DAP walaupun DAP buat macam-macam hingga memusnahkan agama, bangsa dan tanah air orang Melayu sekarang ini.

    Sedarlah semua.

  8. Kepada ahli-ahli Pemuda PAS bangkitlah daripada tidur, keluarlah dari PAS yang merupakan barua DAP dan golongan paria dalam Pakatan Rakyat selama ini. Marilah menuju ke arah parti yang mempertahankan agama, bangsa dan tanah air iaitu UMNO untuk mempertahankan semua kaum di negara ini.

    Lihatlah anak-anak muda PAS sekalian, lihatlah PAS dimaki hamun, dihina, diperlakukan seperti golongan paria, tetapi di manakah maruah pimpinan PAS yang hanya membiarkan PAS terus dihina dan dimaki hamun seperti golongan paria sekarang ini?

    Lihatlah bila PAS bertanding di PRK Kuala Besut, mana ada DAP hantar jentera yang besar untuk berkempen bagi pihak PAS? Pimpinan DAP datang ke Kuala Besut untuk tayang muka sahaja. Malahan kegagalan DAP menghantar jentera kempen yang besar ke Kuala Besut menyebabkan PAS kalah dengan lebih teruk di Kuala Besut, tetapi adakah PAS menyalahkan DAP? Tidak sama sekali.

    Tetapi lihatlah, PAS menghantar jentera kempen yang sangat besar ke PRK Teluk Intan, malahan jentera kempen PAS berhempas pula untuk memenangkan calon DAP walaupun calon DAP itu dari orang Melayu dan beragama Islam, tapi dia menentang perlaksanaan hukum hudud di Malaysia, tapi PAS berkempen siang malam untuk DAP, untuk memenangkan DAP di Teluk Intan.

    Apabila DAP kalah di PRK Teluk Intan, PAS dipersalahkan, PAS dihina, Hudud dipersendakan sebagai punca kekalahan calon DAP di Teluk Intan. Mana maruah pimpinan PAS untuk pertahankan hudud? PAS hanya terkapa-kapa di sana sini, kerana PAS tidak berani menyanggah DAP kerana pimpinan atasan PAS termasuklah Nik Aziz sedar bahawa PAS adalah paria yang menjadi balaci kepada DAP dan tidak boleh pertikaikan apa saja kelakuan DAP walaupun menghina PAS serta mempersenda Islam. Ulama politik PAS boleh terima apa saja yang dibuat dan diperhinakan serta diperkatakan oleh DAP kerana mereka sedar bahawa PAS hanyalah paria yang boleh diperbuat sesuka hati oleh DAP demi kepentingan DAP dan PAS hanyalah pekakas DAP sahajalah selama ini, kerana PAS sanggup jadi barua, dijadikan golongan paria, sanggup diheret ke lubang biawak oleh DAP kerana kedengkian PAS terhadap UMNO, PAS tak kisah agama, bangsa, dan tanah air terkontang kanting kerana keutamaan PAS adalah untuk memenuhi dendam kesumat mereka.

    Oleh itu, sedarlah semu.

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