True?..Wake Up MB and Excos!…..Toxic water being used by Selangor, says report

11:42AM May 7, 2014 (MKini)

Water from unused mining ponds that the Selangor state government intends to tap to solve the state’s water shortage problems is “toxic”, according to a New Straits Times report today.

The newspaper conducted its own laboratory tests on water samples its team sourced directly from the unused mining ponds in Bestari Jaya, and found that lead content in the water was 460 percent above the safe limit, and iron content was 554 percent above the limit.

The special report, headlined in the paper today, said that the NST team collected the samples from the mining ponds on Sunday and sent them for independent testing.

The results also showed high manganese and nickel content in the water.

The report also cited two studies by Universiti Malaya professors in 2010, which said the metal concentration in the water exceeded permissible levels by Malaysian Water Quality Standards.

This was previously reported by Malaysiakini on April 29, based on concerns raised by DAP’s Klang MP Charles Santiago.

Selangor gov’t: The water is safe

Santiago (right) had warned the state government of the health implications of its current exercise, but the state government consistently maintained that the water from the mining ponds were safe to be channelled to the water treatment plant.

NST also obtained a response from Selangor’s executive councillor for Youth, Sports, Infrastructure and Public Amenities, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, who reportedly admitted that the tests conducted on the water by the state and Health Department authorities did not cover possible metal and chemical traces.

In fact, Ahmad Yunus was reported to have said that the tests for chemical and metal traces were only sent out to the labs “over a week ago”, while promising to make the results public once it is out.

He also admitted that the water treatment plant cannot filter metal pollutants in the water.

“Not if the concentration level is high. Water from sources that are safe will be treated,” he was quoted as saying.


5 thoughts on “True?..Wake Up MB and Excos!…..Toxic water being used by Selangor, says report

  1. However toxic the water is there is nothing more toxic than to have Umno schmucks as tenants in Putrajaya. It would appear that Malaysia is beginning to fall apart under the present regime running the country. Daily there is or are scandals and scandals being revealed and foreign countries’ assistances are being sought.
    How can you call the pendatangs as intruders especially when the Indonesian pirates and refugees were the real intruders. Don’t forget this land belongs to the Sakai who your forefathers call them appropriately as Orang Asli (Original People) are the real sons of the soil, who then are the intruders. Just one more time for those who are claiming to be the sons of the soil please take this offer to have your DNA tested to prove that you are not the descendants from Indonesia and if you can prove that you are not descendants of Indonesia I will gladly pay for the test and with a bank guarantee ! Otherwise stop this nonsense of calling yourself as the sons of the soil, having you any shame in doing so ?

    1. najib manaukau,

      Your level of toxicity is really high must be from the water that you drink , no wounder many want rewrite history ,and denying the fact that you are pendatang will always remain one as long as SJK(C) and other vernacular education is exist .
      Malaysian goes to Sekolah Kebangsaan and speaks bahasa kebangsaan ( Chinese in Indonesia are not pendatang, they are Indonesian).

  2. tebing tinggi,

    You are missing the point that my post is trying to bring nor did I express any qualms of being called pendatang. In fact I am proud of being a pendatang because of what I have achieved. What I am trying to remind those who are pendatangs and intruders themselves and but by calling others as pendatangs are trying to suggest that they are the sons of the soil ? When the truth is the sons of the soil are the Orang Asli.
    Just because the Orang Asli are being fenced up and kept out of sight by the real intruders that does mean the Orang Asli are being forgotten and out of our mind, on the contrary the fact that they are being fenced up is further proof that their existence is threatening the real intruders of their land.
    Also just because you are able to express yourself in one particular language it does not mean you are of certain race. Million of pendatangs are very fluent in English that does not mean they are of English descent.
    Why bother to learn a language that the administrators of the country themselves do not have that language being displayed in Malaysian Embassies or in their own ministries ? Just go to Putrajaya and you will get to se what I mean, the various ministries there only have English and Jawi being displayed outside their ministries ! Jawi is certainly not a language we are taught and if the Arabs are not as rich as they are known to day, do you think the Malaysian will try to pretend they are Arabs ? Pleae remember when you are borne a Malay you will always remain a Malay no matter how much and how hard you try to glorify the Jawi as your language.

  3. Unfortunately,back then,the ORANG ASLI had poor immigeration laws and now we are paying for it !

  4. I forgot to say that my offer to pay for the DNA test does not extend to the egregious Mahathir and their family because they are not even of Indonesian descendants. They DNA test will certainly show they are of Indian descent. And if they are willing to take the test to prove that they are not of Indian descent I will gladly pay for the test to show that he is of Indian descent !

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