Minister: Major GLCs need protection under TPPA….how about Rakyat?

5:46PM Apr 22, 2014 (MKini)

State-owned firms such as Petronas and Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAS) being subjected to certain “disciplines” under the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), if signed, would be detrimental to national interests.

International Trade and Industries Minister Mustapa Mohamed said today that despite arguments that allowing SEOs to be subjected to international disciplines such as those in TPPA would be healthy for competition, the government considers such a move to be against national interests.

“Despite the arguments, the government’s position is that we need to protect our national interests, by ensuring the likes of Petronas, MAS, and Khazanah are not subjected to such disciplines,” he added during a media briefing session on TPPA today.

The SEO is one the chapters that Malaysia is having reservations about in the TPPA negotiations, and have asked for a carve out (a temporary delay in implementation) in the chapter.

Mustapa said that he hoped the TPPA negotiations could be wrapped up by the end of 2015.

2 thoughts on “Minister: Major GLCs need protection under TPPA….how about Rakyat?

  1. Those in GLC’s are paid pretty well. Their welfare is well taken care off in terms of medical, sometimes it includes the whole family. I think the BN plan to help the malays is to get them employed in the GLC’s and and get the consumes to pay for their wages. this is how the wealth is re-distributed.

  2. However many times this Obama may have visited Malaysia the US joining TPP must be resisted. Just look at their presence in UN is a good example, they do what they want without the consent of all the UN members when they invaded the Middle East both times.
    Not to mention their unilateral actions of many other actions taken by them.
    They accuse China for their provocative actions when their planes were just as provocative or even worse by flying into the disputed territory, wasn’t that just a provocative action before a final decision by all the parties is reached.
    Why are they siding with the Japanese, when Japan was the only country in the world to have invaded them ? Yet to day they are on the side of the country who had invaded them ? No doubt they would give the excuse that they are obliged to do so under the surrender agreement but the US know their actions are more than provocative.
    No doubt US this time round want the right to be a member in TPP just to behave and act the same ways. And in no way their presence in TPP must be objected by all parties !

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