Major Zaidi clears first obstacle in military court

11:58AM Apr 8, 2014 hmad Fadli KC (MKini)


The military court in Sungai Besi has accepted a preliminary objection by air force pilot Major Zaidi Ahmad against five charges, following his public remarks on the use of indelible ink for the 13th general election.

Presiding officer Colonel Saadon Hasnan will now refer these charges to the convening authority – Air Force Division 1 chief Major-General Azizool Arif Abdul Ghani – for further action.

Zaidi’s lawyer Mohd Hanipa Maidin lodged the objection to the charges brought under Section 50(2) of the Armed Forces Act 1972.

This states that anyone who disobeys any lawful command of his superior officer is liable to face a court-martial process, and may be jailed up to two years’ jail upon conviction.

Saadon, however, rejected the preliminary objection against two other charges under Section 51 of the Act.

These claim that Zaidi (right) had disobeyed the standing orders by sending two text-messages deemed to be political and seditious in nature:

Ayuh mempertahankan ibu pertiwi dari dijajah oleh penipu dan perasuah, jangan jadi bacul dan nanti anak cucu kencing di atas kubur kita.

(Let us defend the motherland from being colonised by cheats and corrupt people. Do not be a coward or our children and grandchildren will piss on our graves.)

Sama2lah kita berdoa agar Allah SWT memberi petunjuk dan hidayah kepada kita semua serta dilindungi negari kita yang tercinta dari diperintah oleh si Penzalim, pemfitnah, perasuah, penipu dan Penganjur program2 maksiat.

(Let us pray that Allah give us divine guidance to defend this land that we love from tyrants, liars, corrupt leaders and organisers of sinful programmes.)

Also at the hearing today were Bersih head Maria Chin Abdullah and PKR vice-president Tian Chua.



One thought on “Major Zaidi clears first obstacle in military court

  1. This is the way and the style of Umno, just like all the cases since the egregious Mahathir became the PM of Malaysia one is always cleared of his innocence. What is most important is the final decisions of the case that matters.Therefore don’t rejoice yet until then and please remember the judiciary is part and parcel of Umno and is supposed to be independent but is it !

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