GST: Who’s the liar, Barisan or Pakatan? …..Round 1!

April 06, 2014 (TMI)

Dzulkefly Ahmad

After much anticipation surrounding the introduction of a new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime in Malaysia, the GST Bill 2014 was finally tabled in the parliament last Thursday. The raging debate is on.Much to the chagrin of the opposition MPs, despite their gallant fight to debate this bill, it is a fate accompli. The Barisan Nasional government will pass this bill regardless. A simple majority is all it takes to replace the existing Sales and Services Tax (SST), to this new consumption tax.

Since this writer is no longer an MP, let him debate the BN, nay the entire nation here. Let us be honest and call a spade a spade, shall we? Avail yourselves to debate with me, here and now? There are obviously many facets to this issue. Let us consider only one for today.

When the government bragged and bandied around in almost all their advertisements, that because the BN is gracious and care for the rakyat (People’s First), they now have replaced 2 taxes, i.e., the SST, with one tax, the GST.

Besides, they also claimed that (blissfully ignorant and oblivious perhaps), while the SST is 16% (Sales-10% and Services-6%), lo and behold, it is only 6% for GST now!

A deeper reflection on this ‘battle cry’ unfolds its pathetic lie quite evidently. It wouldn’t allow a discerning Malaysian to be easily fooled. If truly the rakyat-cum-tax-payers are to be better off with one GST than two SST, and 6% GST than 16% SST, i.e., paying less tax hence generating less income for the government’s coffers, would the government ever embark on replacing the existing tax system? Caught lying through their teeth again!

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One thought on “GST: Who’s the liar, Barisan or Pakatan? …..Round 1!

  1. Only the Umno lackeys will be unable to object or say anything negative about the introduction of the GST in 2015. These very same people will eventually when they are no longer MPs. Well it will be too late then and it will hit these Umno lackeys in every way may be not because by then they would have accumulated enough of illl gotten gains not to worry about the GST !

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