Memali? I can’t remember, says Mahathir…..Selective amnesia again?

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he cannot remember if he was in the country during the Memali incident where 18 people were killed 29 years ago.

“I can’t remember…” he told journalists in Kuala Lumpur when quizzed if he was in the country during the bloody event.

Mahathir was responding to his then deputy prime minister Musa Hitam who claimed on Thursday that his former boss was in Kuala Lumpur when the incident happened.

Mahathir said he needed to look into his records and check if Musa’s claim was true.

“I am studying the truth of what he (Musa) said,” added Mahathir.

“Since this happened a long time ago, I need to check back to see what he said is true.”

Largely absolved

Musa told a forum in Kota Bharu two days ago: “Dr Mahathir was in Kuala Lumpur, even on the second, third and fourth day after that, he was still in Kuala Lumpur.”

Mahathir was largely absolved over the deaths of 18 people in a deadly police assault on Memali in 1985 as he was claimed to be on an official visit to China.

Armoured vehicles rolled into the remote village in Baling, Kedah to crack down on a religious sect led by Ibrahim Mahmud, better known as Ibrahim Libya.

Some 400 police officers stormed the village on Nov 19 that year after a stand-off where villagers refused to surrender Ibrahim to the authorities, who accused him of being a deviant, and they fought back.

The siege resulted in the deaths of 14 villagers and four police officers – considered one of the bloodiest episodes in recent history.

2 thoughts on “Memali? I can’t remember, says Mahathir…..Selective amnesia again?

  1. This egregious Mahathir told so many lies in his lifetime that he now forgets which are lies and truths ! Nevertheless the tails are creeping out of the bags slowly, now you know why Allah is keeping him alive ? This is just to enable him to see the many evil creations he built coming down one at a time. Please don’t die yet at least not until all the evil atrocities deeds that you have done are being revealed for all to see even though this may take a very long time.Better spend more time going through your records !

    1. Najib manaukau:
      Really? I bet you never lie. And oh ya.. U are talking like you are the God. Only Allah knows everything. Everyone make mistake. At the end of the day it’s between him and Allah. So back off.

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