MH370 data link transponder shut separately, could be deliberate, Pentagon believes

March 14, 2014 (TMI)

Map shows the latest areas being covered by the search and rescue operation for MH370. – TMI, March 14, 2014.Map shows the latest areas being covered by the search and rescue operation for MH370. – TMI, March 14, 2014.The Pentagon believes that the shutdown of two communications systems on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 occurred separately, indicating that it may have been a deliberate act, ABC News reported today.

According to the report, two US officials said that they believe the data reporting system was shut down at 1.07am, while the transponder was shut down at 1.21am on Saturday, when the flight carrying 239 people vanished from radar screens.

“This indicates that it may well have been a deliberate act,” ABC news aviation consultant John Nance reportedly said.

The transponder is the device that transmits location and altitude.

According to the report, the US team is convinced that there was manual intervention, and that it was likely not an accident or malfunction, that caused the plane to go missing from the sky.

Earlier, it was reported that satellites had picked up faint electronic pulses from the Beijing-bound flight, after it went missing on Saturday, but the signals gave no information about where the stray jet was heading.

The United States, which is part of an international search for the missing jetliner, had also said that the search area may soon expand into the Indian Ocean, consistent with the theory that the plane may have detoured to the west about an hour after take-off from Kuala Lumpur. – March 14, 2014.

2 thoughts on “MH370 data link transponder shut separately, could be deliberate, Pentagon believes

  1. After the Indian ocean what is next ? The Pacific Ocean, after all there are so many planes and vessels from so many countries helping to search for MH370 ! Do so while you can before they all give up helping. This incident must be most embarrassing to all the top officials who happen to be of one skin colour and it is clearly a reflection of the kind of marginalization the present regime is up to and are doing to the other 40% of the population.
    Najib isn’t it time you have this abnormally addressed ? The 40% of the pendatangs are also tax paying population or are you waiting for them to immigrate too ! So many millions have already done so without been told or asked to, just remember the day will soon come when there would have enough tax payers for you to keep the tongkat and wheelchair dependants from walking or shall I say from learning how to alk !

    1. It is too late to undo what that mamatkhutty did for the last 30yrs. Now we have a horde of Ibrahim Alis running all over the place what chance do we get. They can even stop Malaysians from using the word Allah . In a way they are even more powerful than God or Allah or whatever.

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