Stop talking like a Perkasa patron, PAS tells Zahid

2:49PM Feb 10, 2014 AIDILA RAZAK (MKini)

PAS national information chief Mahfuz Omar has urged Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to act befitting his position as home minister.

“Zahid should start talking like a home minister, and not as a patron of (Malay rights pressure group) Perkasa or other extreme and racist NGOs like that,” Mahfuz told reporters today.

As minister in charge of the police, he stressed, Zahid should realise that he must provide everybody with protection against crime.

Mahfuz was responding to Zahid’s statement that the bounties offered to slap DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is a not a crime.

A group of Muslim NGOs slaughtered four chickens, smeared the blood on pictures of Kok and other Chinese DAP and PKR leaders, and offered a bounty of RM500 to whoever slaps Kok and provides proof of this.

The bounty was later raised to RM1200.

However, Perkasa was not part of the group.

Kok received threats after she released a Chinese New Year video greeting in the form of a political satire.

Her detractors claimed that she had insulted Islam and Malays in her video titled ‘Onederful Malaysia CNY 2014′.

Thanking Umno-owned Mingguan Malaysia for publishing a transcript of the video, Mahfuz said he did not know how it was offensive to Malays or Islam.

“I don’t know what is so painful (pedih) for them that they feel the need to slaughter some chickens,” he said, referring to the protest on the Kuala Lumpur street.

‘Umno is the bigger culprit’

Mahfuz also slammed Umno minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan for saying that the DAP was reaping what it sowed by insulting Malays and Islam.

“He does not realise that Umno is a bigger culprit when it comes to insulting Islam, and this is worse as it is Muslims insulting Islam.

“These are just people trying to divert attention and turn it into a racial matter,” he said.

Mahfuz also urged the police to investigate the case fairly and asked inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar “not to speak like a Perkasa Youth chief”.

On a separate matter, the PAS leader called on Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin (left) to halt the problematic school-based assessment system pending improvements to it.

He said that Muhyiddin chose the wrong platform when he told the Umno general assembly last year said that improvements would be rolled out in April.

“He should have met with the many teachers’ associations instead of addressing his political party. If the improvements will come in April, then halt the school-based system first… This is a big issue,” Mahfuz said.

He also urged Muhyiddin to engage with the teachers before their planned demonstration on Feb 22 against the Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (student evaluation based on school work or PBS) which they say is a failure.

If a solution for improvement cannot be made, then the government should not hesitate in scrapping the system altogether, before causing further damage.

Teachers are planning to protest against the PBS system, which they say is ill-planned and full of technical glitches.

The glitches could see two years of their work go to waste with the possible reintroduction of the scrapped Form 3 Penilaian Menengah Rendah examination this year.

One thought on “Stop talking like a Perkasa patron, PAS tells Zahid

  1. That is why he is the home minister without really calling himself the home minister for the Malays and is that why he is telling the non Malays particularly those who don’t see eye to eye with him to immigrate ? Or it is just the new version to ask the pendatangs to leave Malaysia ? Already millions of them have immigrated, without being told to.
    The home minister and all his kind are also pendatangs except they have the political power to call themselves as Malays to justify that they are sons of the soil.. But the real truth is they are also pendatangs the real sons of the soil are the Sakai or the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and no body else, no matter what you do or decide to name this country you are also the pendatangs.

    One other thing the home minister and all his kinds may not be mindful that without these pendatang what kind of Malaysia it will be. Another Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh.? These countries don’t have pendatang to developing the land and the skillful or the professionals pendatangs to keep the country going or to pay the taxes to keep al the lazy and corrupted civil servants on their jobs. Please be mindful of the consequences the next time you ask these pendatangs to immigrate.

    Do you know what kind of country Malaysia will be without these pendatangs ? Also why are you and your kinds are sending Talent Corp to go round the world begging the millions of these pendatangs professional to return to serve Malaysia ? And I might even add to say with incentives and added incentives, why do you have to do these ? There is no country in this part of the world that has to go round begging for the million of immigrated pendatang to return with lots of incentives. Especially when million of the skillful professionals and counting are immigrating, even UN is raising their concern about the issue.
    Therefore stop ‘killing the geese’ that are laying the country economic eggs besides I am sure you do not really want to be the home minister of a country without the pendatangs. Afterall there will be no ‘eggs’ left for you and all your Umno colleagues to fight for and no tongkats or wheelchairs for the over 3 million Umno members ? Finally what about is going to happen to the 16 million Malays in the country ?
    So the next time you and your kind, think first before calling for the pendatanfgs to leave Malaysia or immigrate to other countries ? Or you want to be another Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh ? Remember you are already not far from from becoming these countries !

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