Students now pay more at canteens

Vignesh Kumar | January 9, 2014 (FMT)

Parents now have to give more pocket money for their children because the food at school canteens have gone up.

KUALA LUMPUR: Parents have complained that the price of food items in school canteens have gone up and they now have to give more pocket money for their children.

Self-employed Chan Hong King, 55, said he now had to give his 16-year-old son RM5, an increase of RM1.

“Imagine, parents who have four or five school-going children. They have to fork out about RM20 or RM25 daily,” he said.

Businesswoman Carol Lee, 37, said she gave her Year Two daughter 50 sen more than last year.

A secondary school student in Kuala Lumpur said the food prices had increased and he had to folk out more for food.

“A plate of rice with a chicken piece and vegetable use to cost RM2.80 but now is RM3.10,” he said.

A female student in Kuala Lumpur said even RM5 a day was not enough for food.

“I always have extra classes and stay back after school. I eat during recess and after school and RM5 is surely not enough.

“I need at least RM7 for food now,” she said.

However Cheng Chee Hoong, 45, said the food prices in the canteen was reasonable and parents could still afford pocket money for their children.

Driver Nizam Ahmad, 40, said there was not much increase in the canteen food prices.

“The increase is only by a few sen and we should not make a big fuss about it,” he said.

A canteen committee member in a school in Kuala Lumpur said the canteen were still reasonable and affordable and not much of a burden on the children.

“We have not received any complaints from parents regarding the food prices in our canteen,” he said.

One thought on “Students now pay more at canteens

  1. Everytime there is a price incwrease sure there will be people making noise. Cos the last thing to be increased is their salary. To the idiot who says food prices in canteens are reasonable.. pls understand the word ‘canteen’ and what its function is 1st. U think u can get away charging rm10 for a bowl of mee sup in any canteen? Not only those in schools mind u.

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