Many distrust Putrajaya’s remarks on economy, clueless about GST, says Merdeka Center

December 18, 2013 (TMI)

Pollster Merdeka Center today revealed that half of those surveyed in its recent poll said they “do not believe in the government’s statements about the economy”.

The Public Opinion Survey 2013 revealed that 21% of the respondents “strongly disbelieved” any government statement, while the remaining 33% “somewhat disbelieved”. Only 1% responded that they do strongly believe in statements issued by the government.

This means that 54% of the respondents do not trust Malaysia’s economic performance as espoused by Putrajaya.

Also 49% of respondents said the country was heading in the wrong direction, citing factors such the rising cost of living, inflation, the price hike, and unfavourable economic conditions in general.

As for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), 55% said they did not understand what it was, with 20% saying they absolutely knew nothing about the tax.

The GST was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak when the 2014 Budget was tabled. The tax will be implemented in 2015.

Merdeka Center’s Public Opinion Survey 2013 was based on answers by 1005 voters aged 21 and above interviewed through telephone.

The respondents were from all states across West Malaysia.

They were selected through a random stratified sampling method along the lines of ethnicity, gender, age and parliament constituencies. – December 18, 2013.

2 thoughts on “Many distrust Putrajaya’s remarks on economy, clueless about GST, says Merdeka Center

  1. As predicted that the present regime will come up with all kind of new taxes shortly after the GE especially the GST. It will only be implemented in 2015 after all the new taxes are introduced just so the 6% GST will then be added !

    For the benefits of those who do not know what is GST just remember everything you buy, consume and all the bills you have to pay daily or monthly will include the GST after adding up the new taxes. It is like predicted that as early as 2014 the ordinary Malaysians costs of living will sky rocket and life is going to be hard on most Malaysians, except those in Putrajaya I must add.

    Don’t tell me that you have not been warned of these and you still voted for these Umno warlords to remain in Putrajaya ! Most of all, most if not, all the promises Najib and his lackeys promised you will not be fulfilled and by the time the next election come a lot of new promises will then be made and just like all the unfulfilled promises they are just promises and meant to be broken. Therefore don’t be fooled again this time round unlike all circumstances just have these Umno candidates kicked out of Putrajaya !

  2. Perkosa ibrhim was right in asking us suffering rakyat not to protest but perhaps embrace and celebrate all the price hikes bcos afterall, the govt is always doing what is good for us as they assured us. Kita rakyat Malaysia mengalu-galukan kenaikan harga sebanyak-banyaknya…tol naik, beras naik, tambang bas sekolah naik, gula, naik, makan minum naik,petrol naik, tapi ada juga yg turun….gaji turun atau kena pecat dari kerja alasan business turun. Terima kasih kerajaan kita yg hanya buat apa yg terbaik untuk kita.

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