At Umno assembly, calls for ‘1 Melayu’ to replace ‘1 Malaysia

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak delivers his keynote address during the opening of the 2013 United Malays National Organisation General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur December 5, 2013. — Reuters pic

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid, December 5, 2013 (The MalayMailOnline)

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak delivers his keynote address during the opening of the 2013 United Malays National Organisation General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur December 5, 2013. — Reuters picKUALA

LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Putrajaya should use “1 Melayu” in place of its all-inclusive “1 Malaysia” slogan since efforts to reach out to Chinese voters were snubbed in Election 2013, a Penang Umno delegate told the 64th Umno annual general assembly today.

Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir also accused the Chinese community of “betraying” the government, saying they were not appreciative despite the amount of money used to woo them in the run-up to the 13th general election.

“We shouldn’t shout ‘1 Malaysia’ anymore; what for? We should now shout ‘1 Melayu’ slogan,” Musa said during the policy speech debate.

“What’s the use of helping them? We did all these things they stab our backs. All that effort… to hold dinners and such with almost RM30 a head,” he added, referring to the many campaign dinners organised by Barisan Nasional prior to the May 5 general election.

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6 thoughts on “At Umno assembly, calls for ‘1 Melayu’ to replace ‘1 Malaysia

  1. yes , be open and be clear about it , better 1Melayu than 1 Malaysia , at least it gives direction to all Malaysian about this country

  2. Yes, be clear to everyone for when you shout “1 Melayu!” It shows how homophobic Putrajaya can be. This Datuk thinks that when UMNO treats the Chinese to lavish dinners, woo them with succulent projects and incentives, then automatically they will all be grateful and support the ruling party. How simplistic and childish can you be? The Chinese are smart and they know that once the elections are over, all pertinent issues will be ignored and it will be business as usual. No way! What about values like transparency, integrity, honesty and responsibility? All alien words to UMNO. My advice to this Datuk, try wooing the Chinese with examples like good conduct, sincerity and ability to listen emphatically to their problems. The again I know this is too much for UMNO because their level of maturity prevents them from doing so.

  3. As though the present policies of the warlords from Umno to have the non Malays marginalized are not enough these Umno members are asking for more. For example, presently the civic services are already occupied by the Malays to the tune of 96% and what more are these Umno members asking for ? The 4% are occupied by the non Malays out of necessity rather than generously, a good example is the K9 unit in the police force can the Malays take control of this unit or the pig handlers in the veterinary department ?
    These are only good examples for the reasons why the non Malays in Malaysia are occupying the 4% in the civil services and no other reasons.
    Another good example is how many non Malays are heads of government of departments and how many senior, I mean very senior, police officers are there in Bukit Aman ? When the population of the non Malays in this country, are officially over 40%, and if one can accept that. Why then are they not reflected in the civil services, is it because the non Malays are considered as pemdatangs ? Let me remind these Umno members they too are pendatnangs the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli, so appropriately named and by who? Most important of all please stop having them fenced up like animals or have them genocided just so that the people will not see them and as such will forget they ever existed ? Please remember whatever you do to the Orang Asli we will always regard them as the sons of the soil and everybody else including you are pendatangs. At least the non Malays have never tried to falsely called themselves as sons of the soil or have them fenced up like animals. Even the former minister of trade and the daughter of the egregious Mahathir have openly admitted that they are 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants !
    Therefore please be grateful and be satisfied with you are already getting and stop asking or demanding for more tongkats or wheelchairs. Already whatever you are getting are not getting you anywhere in life, in fact they are very bad for you and are not helping or teaching you to become independent. Do yourself and your kind a big favour, learn how to walk without any tongkat or wheelchair before trying to compete in the olympic !

  4. Yes. Lets make it clear. Malaysia is for Malays only. Others like the orang asli should give up their lands, the orang asal in Sarawak and Sabah should also do the same. This is the meaning of ketuanan. 1 Melayu, Jangan segan, jangan malu..

  5. Musa Sheikh Fadzir and his family are ‘Pendatang’ like so many Umno leaders and are Fake Malays,who hide behind the bumi policy to enrich themselves.
    The real betrayals are those who are looting the nation wealth and using race & religion to divide the good people of Malaysia.
    The real betrayals are those who turn their backs on the non-malays who sacrifice their sweat & tears building Malaya and many died defending Malaya.before Independence.
    The real betrayals are those in power creating disunity & mistrust among the Good people of all races by coming with racist chants,Biro Tata Negara program & producing Tanda Putera to further divide the races.
    The real betrayals are those in power who deny opportunities in training,scholarships and jobs in Civil Service ,GLCs and others to non-muslims,thus not creating a Nation as our Forefathers ,the beloved Tengku,Tun Razak & Hussein Onn envisaged for all Malaysians.
    Over 40 years these discrimination policies are used against the non-muslim non malays and when they vote against such discriminatory policies-the Chinese & Indians are supposed to be ungrateful-what a load of rubbish and racist views of these Umno leaders.
    Thank God we have Good Muslims in Pakatan ,Pas and even some in Umno who know that to rule wisely is to rule fairly to earn the respect of the people and the World.
    The Orang Asli are the real Bumis and no amount of distortion in history books can change this true fact and the non-malays who came to build Malaya from nothing should not be discriminated and used as punching bag by Umno,each time there is a crisis.
    Hopefully,one day we can realise a truly united Malaysia,where all are treated equally.

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