Fare hike for LRT, KTM, Monorail, ERL, ETS services next year?

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The announcement on Monday by the government on the electricity tariff hike of 15 per cent in the peninsula and 17 per cent in Sabah and Labuan beginning January 1 may see public transport providers to request for a new fare structure.

Industry players have confirmed with Cars, Bikes & Trucks (CBT) that public transport conglomerates are requesting for an urgent meeting with Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) in the wake of the electricity tariff hike starting from 2014.

There are currently at least three public transport companies in the peninsula rail networks which utilize electric as the only source of energy to provide the transportation service to the public.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana) with two Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems under its wings namely the Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines as well as the KL Monorail service, KTM Berhad which runs the urban commuter rail in Klang Valley and ETS inter-city services, and Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERLSB) which operates the country’s only airport transfer and transit services – to and from capital city and Kuala Lumpur International Airport, would be affected as a result of the new electricity tariff.

Prasarana group director for Rail Khairani Mohamed told CBT that the new tariff rate would definitely affect its rail operation cost.

“The new tariff would cause our expenditure to escalate. A fare review for rail services would help as it is long overdue ever since the days we started the LRT and Monorail services. Besides, we have been absorbing high operation cost for quite a while since we are still paying the electricity according to commercial rate,” he said.

Khairani stated even though Prasarana was mentally prepared for the expected electricity hike for its 2014 projected expenditure, he said: “It will certainly hurt our operation cost. We were preparing for about 10 per cent increase from electricity charges but with 15 per cent, then we have to relook at our budget.”

ERLSB chief executive Noormah Mohd Noor said it was crucial for the government to look into the public transport providers plight in view of the electricity tariff increase.

“We are using electricity to transport our passengers and air travellers daily. I think it is beneficial for us if SPAD could support our cause if we can get some sort of special electricity rate with Tenaga Nasional Berhad,” she told CBT during the Land Public Transport Conference held two days ago.

Prasarana group managing director Datuk Shahril Mokhtar and Noormah concur that it is imperative for the government to allow the rail operators to enjoy special rate for electricity usage.

“I need to study thoroughly of the new tariff. But it will be good if SPAD and TNB to listen to our rationale. We are running a service for the public on daily basis,” said Shahril in a telephone interview.

Noormah said the public transport companies were unified to meet SPAD soon to present their justification.

SPAD CEO Nur Ismal Kamal said the commission was ready to meet the rail companies to have an in-depth discussion.

“We are currently studying all fare structures in the public transport sector. We will listen. We will study their proposal for a special electricity rate and probably will support it since after all, the public transport companies are providing service to the masses,” he said.

Meanwhile, public transport supporter Improvement of Mass-Transit (TRANSIT) expressed displeasure about the possibility of fare hike by rail operators next year.

“It is sad that public transport users will be forced to pay twice despite doing the most for reducing (traffic) jam,” TRANSIT tweeted via its @transitmy.

2 thoughts on “Fare hike for LRT, KTM, Monorail, ERL, ETS services next year?

  1. In many of my postings before and during the GE i say it times again and again that all Malaysians must be aware that not long after the election the present regime, if they stay in Putrajaya, will introduced all forms of taxes just to draw back the handouts that were given.
    Well, just see what you are now getting, well the introduction of the GST will have everyone and I mean everyone in Malaysia will have to pay. Please be minded that all Malaysians will have to regardless of what you consume and now your electricity which will also be inclusive of the GST. So do everything else you consume including your water bill plus everything else you consume in your daily life.
    Please remember this when the 14th GE comes and don’t believe a word of what this Najib and the Umno warlords have to say or promise you ! Now with news that Singapore has just bought two new submarines, Najib and the warlords will no doubt use this Singapore purchase as an excuse to buy another two submarines. Of course this time there is no commission for the Mongolian beauty, something else will be added to the purchase price.

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