‘Non-expert’ paid RM20mil to draft Education Blueprint – YB Serdang.

DAP parliamentarians have questioned the involvement of international consultant McKinsey and Co in drafting the National Education Blueprint.

According to a parliamentary reply by the Education Ministry, the firm was paid some RM20.56 million to prepare the document.

NONESerdang MP Ong Kian Ming said this was a waste of taxpapers’ money.

He said McKinsey is a general management consultancy firm without expert knowledge in education, especially compared to experts in the task force for the project.

“As far as I know, this is the first time external consultants have been used to draft a Malaysian education blueprint and at this cost,” he told a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

He said the money could have gone to other projects that could directly benefit students and teachers.

2 thoughts on “‘Non-expert’ paid RM20mil to draft Education Blueprint – YB Serdang.

  1. This is Malaysia.Guaranteed, that the Education blueprint will not contribute positively in uplifting the standard of education in Malaysia.

  2. Clearly it is an admission by the DPM that he knows nothing about education needed for the young Malaysians in spite of the hiring of these consultants the situation is only getting from bad to worse. The regime might as well not try to run the country themselves or the recommendations by these consultants are just to show the morons are trying to do their jobs or all the recommendations by the consultants are being ignored. Surely these international consultants recommendations are not being implemented. If that is the case why were the need for them to be hired in the first place ! Not many country I am aware of hire as many consultants to come up with their views and still remain in the third world that Malaysia i still in !

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