Patriotism: Could it get any worse than this? – Dzulkefly Ahmad

September 14, 2013 TMI

Judging by the number of Jalur Gemilang attached to motor vehicles, houses and shop premises on that auspicious 31stAugust,one couldn’t but conclude that ‘patriotism’, whatever that word currently denotes, is arguably at its lowest ebb.

The nation celebrating its 56th Independence Day (not Malaysia Day) is really at pain to disprove or refute that dreadful scene. Rather than remaining in denial or worse still to defend the indefensible, it would be best to perhaps admit the stark truth.

Yes the nation has grudgingly lost the rigour, vigour and outburst of patriotism once enjoyed; ‘that sight to behold and a moment to cherish’. The next question that begs an immediate response would be, why? Why do we no longer wish to exude such out-flowing of loyalty and love for our nation?

Regardless of whether there are other means of expressing patriotism, surely the most pertinent questionwould have to be, what does it now take to turnaround this very grim scenario?

Lest you think that as a nation, we are about to fall apart or on the brink of a precipice, let us be reassured that we are certainly not. Period.

Be that as it may, all of us, would nonetheless concur that we, as the Rakyat or Citizenry of this nation, surely deserves ‘A Better Malaysia’, worthy of our love, compassion and respect, which would endear and ingratiate our loyalty ie our patriotism.

So what has gone awfully wrong which had landed us in this rut, literally eaten away our passion, zest and our ‘patriotism’ for our beloved Motherland- ‘Tanah Airku, Tanah TumpahDarahku?

Let us all suspend, for one moment, our judgement and ‘partisanship’, as to analyse the current predicament. Let us bite the bullet and without having to ostensibly score political brownie points against any opponents, honestly call ‘a spade a spade’.

Perchance we could see why we could no longer extricate ourselves from this quandary. Perchance we could understand why we refuse or no longer willing to wave and fly high the JalurGemilang… more here


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