UMNO’s brain drain, literally, laments Dr M

Harakahdaily, 19 August 2013

Armed with his familiar wit in front of the press, former UMNO strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamad again has less than complimentary things to say about the party he once led.

Yesterday, he told ‘old warlords’ in UMNO to make way for the younger generation.

“I think they have to make evaluation on themselves because the party is getting older. A lot of leaders have been there for too long. Young people don’t find this attractive,” the former prime minister said during a Hari Raya open house he hosted.

Mahathir said UMNO’s greatest fear was intelligent and young people, saying the leaders feared this category coming into party folds.

“Some are afraid that people with calibre could threaten their position. So these people don’t join UMNO. That’s why many are in PAS now,” he said.

Mahathir noted that in recent times, many from among the intellectuals, professionals and notable retirees, had flocked to PAS.

The 88 year-old said UMNO’s image took a beating following corruption allegations coupled with a culture of ‘sabotage’ and political leaders looking after their personal interests.

“The loyalty now is not to the party but to individual. They say, if their people cannot go up, don’t let others win,” he chided.

Earlier, Mahathir warned Malays not to ‘sabotage’ UMNO, despite acknowledging that the party had lost touch with the Malays as its members pursued individual interests.

“Members are bribed with money, overseas trips and umrah sponsorship. With that, all UMNO members are involved in bribery by selling their votes for money,” he said.

Yet, Mahathir concluded that UMNO was still the choice to look after the Malays.

2 thoughts on “UMNO’s brain drain, literally, laments Dr M

  1. Is the egregious Mahathir admitting that PAS having more brainy members than Umno Baru ? Also what did he himself do about the brain drain ? He too did not want them in Umno Baru, or else they would have reflected on him and on all the policies he implemented. As the days go by since his ‘retirement ‘ more of his inefficiencies are slowly being revealed of his dictatorship as the P.M., and the big question, is he really retired ? Or is he just trying to protect himself and most of all his ill gotten wealth and above all being indicted and to be buried among all the former P.Ms. ?

  2. Its no point asking ‘old warlords’ to retire when Mahathir is lording over everyone else in UMNO. Today UMNO is what Mahathir made it to be except that he does not see that. Malays of integrity will not join UMNO. Those who join lack integrity and care only for their personal material enrichment. Concerning the brain drain in UMNO, there are no brains in UMNO worth draining. Thank you.

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