Mainstream media needs new approach to get back audiences says Bernama chief….why only now?

(Just stop transforming news into lies, truth into falsehoods, facts into fiction and  information into disinformation and to paraphrase Robert Fisk..stop ‘manufacturing consent’ for the ‘power-that-be’… I think you will be ok..plain and simple…you don’t need a media consultant and pay them millions RM to do that and waste tax-payers’ money…good luck..ya..’why not now? after all, as they say it….better late than never’. actually even that needs a paradigm shift…it should have been..Better Never Late!..hehe….Dr Dzul)

July 05 2013  (TMI)

The mainstream media should be more proactive to draw back audiences so that information could be disseminated accurately and widely.

Malaysian National News Agency Bernama chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Sulaiman said the matter should be the top priority as many people have now appeared to have lost confidence in the credibility of news from the mainstream media.

Based on the results of the general election there were several misconceptions on efforts by the government as the mainstream media information delivery system was weak reported Bernama.

This happened as the community now believe that information presented by the alternative media is more professional and daring in criticising the government openly.

Is being bold in criticising the government equal to professionalism What is being professional Understand these terms to attract the audience he said after opening a two-day Editorial Retreat Bernama News Coverage The Way Forward in Putrajaya yesterday.

According to him it was not surprising that the younger generation had wrong perceptions on issues as they were inclined to obtain information from the leftist media.

Therefore Abdul Rahman said the mainstream media should be professional by reporting issues more objectively and fairly without the elements of influence.  The media should also cover all parties fairly.

As example space should be given to the opposition parties to present their views on political issues. In this way the people will indirectly return to the mainstream media.

Before this the roles of the media were merely to educate and inform the people but now their functions in influencing the people have changed so that the community receive complete and accurate information – July 5 2013.

One thought on “Mainstream media needs new approach to get back audiences says Bernama chief….why only now?

  1. This fellow should listen to his own advise! Bernama TV is a disgrace. Every night Helo Malaysia is slander and lies. Where do they find the clowns who support each others’ nonsense by…”saya tambah sedikit”, “saya setuju dengan apa yang dikata oleh ahli panel”, “nak sambung sedikit”…they have 2 moderators that put these clowns (where do they find them?) and put words in their mouths, guide them along with loaded questions!! Bernama TV is a sick channel. Go clear your own shit before you talk!!

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