Selangor mulls shorter operating hours for hypermarkets –brilliant!

Friday, 28 June 2013 09:14 (Malaysia Chronicle)

The Selangor state government may consider limiting the operating hours of hypermarkets to only eight hours, in a move to help petty traders in sub-urban areas.

Selangor state executive councillor Datuk Teng Chang Khim said that there were complaints from petty traders in Kuala Selangor that they could not compete with hypermarkets.

Currently, Tesco is the only hypermarket in Kuala Selangor while Giant is due to open in a few months’ time.

“Kuala Selangor is a small town in Selangor, but we can see big companies have started their operations here.

“There is no doubt that the Giant operations will benefit Kuala Selangor citizens and the district itself, but it will also have an impact on the business of petty traders here,” he said.

The Sungai Pinang assemblyman said there is currently no specific law by the state government to safeguard the business of petty traders.

He said among the many ideas raised were the eight-hour limit, which would mean that the hypermarkets in Kuala Selangor may operate between 10am to 6pm only.

“I have raised the matter in the state exco meeting and it is still in discussion.

However, it is just an idea at the moment,” he said.

He added that the Selangor government is also considering many other options.

According to Teng, the proposal is not unusual, as it has been practised in developed countries like Australia.

“They have been protecting the economy of local citizens by limiting the operation hours of hypermarkets, so that petty traders can have (some) breathing space,” he said.

When asked if the proposed idea would keep investors in the state away, Teng said: “We welcome all investors into Selangor but at the same time, we have to take care of our own rakyat.”

Meanwhile, when contacted, Klang and Pantai Merchants Association chairman Tan Chow Cheng said he is not aware of the matter.

– theSundaily

3 thoughts on “Selangor mulls shorter operating hours for hypermarkets –brilliant!

  1. It is not a great idea on reducing the operation hours of hypermarkets, as operating of these 2 hypermarkets (TESCO & GIANT) in Kuala Selangor do not really effect the petty traders in the town. I am from Kuala Selangor & I saw so many people are still going and buying things from these shops. Please think on how to develop your business & also how to attract your customers. Please take this as a challenge to succeed in your business, so please stop complaining & raising this issue anymore. Please be open minded & bear in mind that this operation hours changes also will effect the tenants of these both hypermarkets.

    Kuala Selangor is no more a small town as you can see it is developing in a brisk pace for the last few years & it will get a city status very soon. As this occurs, automatically the population in Kuala Selangor will increase as well, so this will not be a big issue for the petty traders. Some more, openings of these two hypermarkets really boom the economy of Kuala Selangor & this is one of the criteria to get a city status, as people here are waiting for this development quite long a ready.

    As you can see the petty traders in other big towns can survive due to this development, why not they cannot survive in Kuala Selangor? We cannot compare this issue with the country like Australia because the living style in Malaysia is not the same as in Australia. So, please stick to the current operation hours of these hypermarkets, so that it will not effect the rapid development of Kuala Selangor & also can encourage other investors like AEON, JUSCO & etc to open their businesses in this town.

    This kind of suggestions & ideas will give a bad image on Kuala Selangor which will keep the investors away from this town. My only suggestion is these hypermarkets can set the prices of certain basic items at higher price compare to the normal shops for the benefit of these petty traders. Please also look for any other suggestions to solve this issue without effecting both parties & changing the operation hours.

  2. Praise for taking good step to safe guard small businesses in town. Living is US for many years, I have seen the impact of big hypermarket such as Walmart, Kroger, Ingels and etc…… once they started the operations have caused hundreds of small retail stores out of business within months……..Big hypermarket may have several advantages, firstly, it creates job opportunities for lot of ppl in town, eventhough the wages are relatively meagre but would certainly help the locals in-need of one; secondly, goods sold are much cheaper than local retail stores, which may benefit consumers as a whole, but on the other-hand it does not encourage entreprenership and affect the livelihood of others……
    So, limiting their operating hours may be one of the good measures to protect local retail businesses but encourage their present………

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