Dr M’s status as Petronas advisor violates Petroleum Act

Harakahdaily, 28 June 2013

Jun 28: The legality of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s post in national oil giant Petronas as its advisor has come under question.

Kuala Terengganu member of parliament Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah cited the Petroleum Development Act 1974 which states that any individual who is not part of the present government is not qualified to hold  the post.

“Under what provision is Dr Mahathir appointed as Petronas advisor, since Section 5 of the Act states that the advisory role is to be placed under a council and not any individual,” Raja Kamarul told Harakahdaily at the parliament lobby yesterday.

Section 5 of the Act states:
“1. There shall be established a Council to be known as the National Petroleum Advisory Council consisting of such persons including those from the relevant States as the Prime Minister may appoint. “2. It shall be the duty of the National Petroleum Advisory Council to advise the Prime Minister on national policy, interests and matters pertaining to petroleum, petroleum industries, energy resources and their utilization.”

As such Raja Kamarul (pic) urged for the formation of an advisory council comprised of representatives from state governments of oil-producing states to advise the prime minister on national petroleum and oil exploration policies.

Following his retirement in 2003, Mahathir was appointed as advisor of national carmaker Proton and Petronas.

Meanwhile, Raja Kamarul also questioned the awarding of an oil exploration site to a company called Pexco owned by telecommunication tycoon Ananda Krishnan, who is a close family friend of Mahathir.

He said it was shocking that certain individuals were given huge oil contract while at the same time the states of Kelantan and Terengganu had been denied oil royalties for oil extracted from their territories.

Kenapa Mahathir masih jadi penasihat Petronas?

3 thoughts on “Dr M’s status as Petronas advisor violates Petroleum Act

  1. Raja,
    His name is Dr. Mahathir and surely that is enough for him to be in any posts in Malaysia !
    There were given to him as a ‘backdoor rewards’ for being the former P.M. of Malaysia just like the title of ‘Tun’ when he ‘retired’ to be the P.M. and most of all when you add up the pay that go with these posts it will be more than what he was receiving when he was the P.M.. No doubt for him the pay he is getting from Petronas is pittance to a man with US$44- billions in the foreign countries.
    No doubt it is not for the money as the advisor of Petronas is paying him but he is there to ensure that his son will continue to be awarded the many contracts Petronas is giving out each year , are they enough reasons for him to remain as advisor of Petronas.
    What kind of experiences he has got with the oil industry for him to be appointed as advisor ?

    1. Well he wants to hang on to the biggest barrel of weatth and be able to dip in once a while when he so desires.Politicians like him thrive on greed..its as simple as that and its just as important to him to be in some sort of a position so that he does not lose credibility though i would venture to say its in vain.

      As advisor he also gets to use the corporate jet even for his private travel so why pay commercial when u can fly for free hah?

      Najib wont hv the balls to remove him so basically we are just waiting for the day when he ceases to be alive! That will be the day his stranglehold on the pot of gold also ends..yeah!

  2. His function is only to advise PETRONAS as to who and who should be awarded lucrative contracts…

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