All eyes on Najib as security duo struggle with court judgements


Harakahdaily, 28 June 2013

Home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, failing to strike out a suit over an alleged assault, and inspector general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, recently found liable in a custodial death case, are complicating the BN government’s attempt to restore confidence in the system.

DUO IN TROUBLE … Zahid (L) and Khalid

Yesterday, Zahid’s attempt to strike out an assault suit filed against him by businessman Amir Bazli Abdullah met a dead end after his appeal was rejected by the Federal Court, opening the way for Zahid to face trial in the High Court on August 26.

While the recently-promoted Khalid suffered a personal blow after High Court judge V.T. Singham found him responsible for the death of A. Kugan in 2009.

“Both the Home minister and the IGP seemed to be trapped in a lock-step, with neither able to assert full authority over the other because each has a skeleton in the cupboard.

“Is this the way for the Barisan Nasional government to restore national and international confidence in the key institutions in the country after the 13th General Election,” asked DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

Lim said all eyes were now on prime minister Najib Razak’s next course of action to settle such ‘hazy’ situation of accountability, integrity and good governance.

“(Would) he terminate, suspend or ask both Zahid and Khalid to take leave of absence from their offices until both of them have cleared themselves of the serious charges and allegations of improprieties and wrongdoings made against them,” he asked.

Meanwhile, two days after delivering the Kugan judgement, in which he called for the immediate setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission to address police wrongdoings, judge Singham opted for early retirement.

4 thoughts on “All eyes on Najib as security duo struggle with court judgements

  1. These are the kind bloody shambles you get as a consequent of electing the rapscallions to run the country and if you think these are the exceptions, think and wait again. More, for sure, will follow in the days and years to come just you wait and see. These are only the starters for having a vice president of Umno as the home minister and an Umno lackeys as the IGP. The next thing Najib will do is o have their cases appealed and thrown out of court, hence NFA ! Just you wait, everything I predicted thus far have all come true and one more thing is the promise that Najib will default is his promise to build the one million affordable houses before the election if he remain in Putrajaya.
    To begin with he has so far done nothing about them, no planning nor where they are to be built, not to mention the cost, where the funds are going to come from. He may have a lot of money himself but as it is his only concern is to ensure his money is well taken care off.
    He knows he will not be around long enough to deliver the promise !

  2. Mahathir had taught Malaysian politicians that its not the Malaysian culture to resign whenever faced with adversarial situations…..Mahathir only didnt apply that teaching to Pak Lah…

  3. The Parliamentarians elected by the voters should raise this issue in Parliament in view of the High Court indictment, There has to be Law and order in the running of the government.

  4. Likewise the contempt of court actions by Jais and related authorities on the Nik Raina and Borders suit.

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