Really the ‘last straw’ ….silver nitrate, carcinogenic, diluted, now food colouring..what the hell is going on, PM! Please take control..or else, resign en masse!

  • No chemicals, only food colouring in EC’s ink


The Election Commission (EC) has said that there were “no chemicals” in its indelible ink that was used for the 13th general election.
In a parliamentary written answer to Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) today, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim said that all the chemicals in the ink were replaced by food colouring.

NONE“No chemicals were used in the ink, they were instead replaced with food colouring ingredients which were approved,” the short answer read to a question as to why the ink did not last seven days as initially promised.
“The durability of the ink is subject to the efforts taken to wipe off the ink by individuals,” the reply said.
NONEIt also said that a test conducted on EC officials and media personnel on May 2 “proved” that the ink worked the way it was supposed to.
The EC has previously said that silver nitrate was used in the ink and was supposed to last seven days.
However, many individuals have complained of being able to easily wash off the indelible ink within hours of being applied.
Lim later laughed at the parliamentary reply in his Twitter account, noting that the indelible ink was now “edible” based on the reply.
One netizen who was bemused by the reply later tweeted in response, cheekily asking if the ink was “finger licking good”.

Supplier’s identity secret for ‘security reasons’
Meanwhile in a separate reply to another DAP MP, Anthony Loke (DAP – Rasah), Shahidan (below) stated that the cost for the use of indelible ink during the May 5 polls was RM6.9million.
NONEReading out the answer prepared by the EC, the minister said the amount also covered the costs for designing special ink bottles, the brushes, the boxes as well as the cost for the unique ink mixture, seeing as how it was not available in the market.
“Other additional costs consist of transport cost, packaging and storage, about RM200,000, making the total costs RM7.1million,” Shahidan said in the written reply.
He added that at this time, there is no plan to reveal information on the indelible ink supplier to the public for “security reasons”.

3 thoughts on “Really the ‘last straw’ ….silver nitrate, carcinogenic, diluted, now food colouring..what the hell is going on, PM! Please take control..or else, resign en masse!

  1. What the hell is he going to do to get such a pay and the title of a Tan Sri, if not for this job ? How can anyone be , with dignity, stay in a job for so long when so much criticisms have been said of his performances by so many people ? Any respectable and capable person would have resigned long ago but then I said a respectable and capable person which the EC for sure is not.
    Typical of a schlub person that has nowhere else to turn to will endure these amount of negative comments and still hang on to the post. After all he has at least done he his job to ensure that Najib and all the rapscallions in Umno, who nominated him, remain in Putrajaya. Get the hell out of the job while he can before he gets dismissed and or indicted and stripped off his title as a Tan Sri he is not going to last in the job, as EC, until the next GE or for another big ‘pay day’ ! After all Najib especially Umno are fighting to stay afloat themselves and they will not be around to protect him for very long !

  2. Hello, Malaysian, working under “ConCrookCheatological” eco-system is more deadly than “TrutHoenstSinceritolocal” pillows…Just to keep the Nation in One piece; such sacrifice is creditable. Malaysian, just close one eye; afterall…56 yrs. Both side of political divides operate so well under such disguise of “Aids” Why 13th Times Election has to be so hygienic??? Biologically, super-hygienic digestive track can prove to be fatal also. Everything…so law by law…everybody inside jails. So who do works??? Be focused, work on our economy and build up our next generations. Stop quarreling outside the August House…Let Malaysia come and celebrate Syabas Merdeka 2013…joyfully in Peace and Harmony… without unrest of racial or bread and butter issues. saqamaweb quest for Best of Malaysian.

  3. I can’t understand why we need to pay RM6 million over for an ink which didn’t work 100%. If you wish just go to any indian/mamak sundry shop pay RM1.50 for an Inai Black Hair Dye pack and it will take days to clean it off your hands after dying the need waste millions

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