UKM drops out of education rankings

TMI June 20, 2013

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) failed to hold its spot in the Times Higher Education (THE) 100 Under 50 list this year, organisers said today, adding other universities had improved to join the list.

It was the only Malaysian university which made it to list last year, claiming the 98th position.

The Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 list refers to universities under 50 years of establishment.

Out of the 20 public institutions of higher learning in the country, UKM, one of the top five institutions from the research university league here, took a fallback by “only a few places” according to THE editor Phil Baty.

The current ranking of UKM was also not revealed by Baty, although it is said to not have displayed “worsening performance”.   In 2012, UKM beat Universidade Estadual Paulista from Brazil and Australia’s Edith Cowan University which were ranked 99th and 100th respectively.

This year in April, UKM also emerged as the sole Malaysian university included in the top 100, ranked jointly with the American University of Beirut in Lebanon at 87th place, in THE’s Asia University Ranking.

A total of 655 tertiary institutions had submitted its information and data to be assessed for the purpose.

Across the Causeway however, Singapore celebrated as it entered the world’s Top 10 under THE’s 100 Under 50 list group by moving up the ranks into the eight position from 16th last year, joining Hong Kong and South Korea in the elite group.

UKM was reported to have been taken out of the list as there was a surge from better competitors, including a new entry from Taiwan’s National Chung Cheng University,  which took the 90th position.

The 98th ranking in this year’s list went to National Yang-Ming University of Taiwan.

Despite Asia displaying an impressive showing in the under-50 rankings, with eight countries in the continent represented (although there is no place for the huge growing economies of mainland China or India), Malaysia lost far out to its contenders while Singapore, with only a single representative in the ranking (Nanyang Technological University in 8th), positioned itself among the best.

South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech) claimed its throne for the second consecutive year, beating all others for the top spot on the list. – June 20 2013.

One thought on “UKM drops out of education rankings

  1. Everyone, except the rapscallions from Umno, know the real reason behind this matter it is because the ranking in assess by people outside Malaysia. Within Malaysia Umno can do anything they want, statistics, rewrite history of Malaysia in fact they can distort anything they want as long as they are coming up with such accounts.
    Malaysia has lost heir own credibility a long time ago, one may not be aware that Malaysia has more medical universities than U.K. and that some of the teaching staff of these varsities need to be taught themselves. These is what is going on in Malaysia and for that reason Malaysia is sending the NEM (Never Enough Money) students abroad while the other scholarship holders, as announced by Najib, are given places in these varsities. How is that for keeping his promises to award all top students, regardless of race, the said scholarships. Now you know why the education minister who is also the DPM is claiming that the standard of education in Malaysia is higher than the western world. He must thinks that Malaysians were all born yesterday !
    Just a reminder to Najib, keep up the promise you made before the GE that you will build one million affordable houses when you are reelected to remain in Putrajaya. Nothing has built to date and the clock is ticking.

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