PR to do away with BN-style media ‘management’

Harakahdaily, 11 March 2013
Mar 11: Pakatan Rakyat, buoyed by strong predictions of a historic victory at the coming general election, has promised to allow more dynamic, credible and fair media.
According to the head of PAS Research Centre Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, one of the coalition’s first moves will be to ensure transparent reporting and the return of credibility in local journalism.
“[This is] unlike the present situation void of accountability and ethics and with an inclination to spreading slander,” Dzulkefly said.
Dzulkefly warned that PR would suffer from serious backlash if it decides to maintain the current system of ‘managing’ media, which is biased towards the ruling party.
He said it was paramount for PAS, PKR and DAP to ensure media freedom was realised under their administration, pointing out that the three parties were victims to half-a-century of media lies.
He singled out the Malay media audience who have been “easily swayed” by lies in Malay-language UMNO-controlled media.
“UMNO and BN are not strong. They are weak, but because they control the mainstream media, their claims are repeated so that the people will stay with BN despite its ship drowning,” he added.

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