Saying MCA faces ‘wipeout’, veteran industrialist urges members to shift loyalty now

Harakahdaily, 11 February 2013

Feb 11: The spate of political gimmicks being unleashed by Chinese-only party MCA to woo back its lost support would not work, said a veteran industrialist.

In an article published by a news portal, Koon Yew Yin (pic), who co-founded public-listed construction giant IJM Corporation among other companies, said the Chinese electorate being targeted by MCA was sophisticated and discerning and would not fall prey to the BN party’s campaign.

“What will the Chinese (and other Malaysian) voters be influenced by? Chinese voters want change. They want a party that can stand up to Umno and its almost 60 years of self-serving politics of racism, cronyism and opportunism that have damaged our economy, ruined our educational system and made the future darker for all Malaysians, especially for non-Malays,” wrote Koon Yew Yin on Malaysiakini.

Koon, 80, who is also a well-known philanthropist, cited the recent attempt by MCA deputy president and Health minister Liow Tiong Lai to reach out to Chinese voters by writing a book on health tips for the Chinese New Year festive season.

“His backroom boys will probably be flattering the minister about how clever he is in referring to the lucky number of 8888 and its association with wealth and health in reaching out to the Chinese electorate,” Koon wrote.

The Chinese-only party is currently left with only 15 parliamentary seats nationwide after its disastrous performance in the 2008 general election. In recent time, party leaders have targeted PAS by continuously accusing it of wanting to persecute non-Muslims, a claim strongly denied by the Islamic party.
Most recently, it has invited South Korean star Psy to perform in Penang, hoping that a glitzy entertainment show would change Chinese voters’ perception of Barisan Nasional.

But Koon echoed several other political analysts in concluding that MCA would be ‘wiped out’ at the coming polls.

“According to feedback obtained from the Chinese community and through my participation in political ceramah and interaction with the man in the street, MCA and Gerakan will be wiped out as political parties in the elections,” he said, adding that the party was being viewed as “a toady and boot-licking party” to serve UMNO masters.

Saying it was too late for MCA to shift their allegiance, Koon called on MCA’s grassroots leaders to help ensure a Pakatan Rakyat victory.
“I and millions of Malaysians urge them to make a stand for change by working to ensure that the BN loses, for the opposition to take over Putrajaya,” he added.
Prior to this, former UMNO state assemblyman Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz also predicted that it is end of the road for MCA.

“If only 30% of the Malays vote for Pakatan and 80% of non-Malays vote the same way [as in 2008], MCA is finished. This is all we need. MCA can lose all its 15 parliamentary seats in the next general election,” he recently wrote.

2 thoughts on “Saying MCA faces ‘wipeout’, veteran industrialist urges members to shift loyalty now

  1. What would be fantastic is MCA keeps one seat in Parliament – CSL! A lone MCA member in Parliament. Wouldn’t he be a sight for sore eyes!?

  2. If pakatan can get 60% Chinese votes and 40% Malay Votes and 10% Indian Votes,they can get 100 parliment seat.but if they can increase malay votes to 45% and Chinese Votes 65% they can get 120 Parliment seat.

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