PAS passes buck to Home Ministry over ‘Allah’ row

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today brushed aside questions on whether the use of the term ‘Allah’ should be allowed in the Malay version of the Bible, stressing that it was the Home Ministry’s prerogative and not the party.
“This question should be posed to the home minister. The decision lies with them. We don’t decide. We have yet to rule (Putrajaya),” said Abdul Hadi at a press conference in Shah Alam today.

NONEAbdul Hadi said this when asked to comment on the PAS syura council’s position that non-Muslims should not be allowed to use the term. The council, made up of Islamic scholars, can overrule the party’s central committee on policy matters.
Prior to the council’s decision, Abdul Hadi (right) had announced that the central committee’s position was that non-Muslims can use the term, provided that it was not abused.

This position was shared by the Pakatan Rakyat’s leadership.

Some Christians argue that the many indigenous groups have been using the term to describe God in a Christian context for decades, just as their Middle-Eastern and Indonesian counterparts had for centuries.
However, the federal government had banned the use of the term, causing disquiet among the Christians, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak where the Malay version of the Bible is most widely used.

Karpal peeved at NST

Abdul Hadi claimed that PAS was being dragged into the debate, despite the fact that the key party to the issue was the Home Ministry.
“So why drag us into this discussion?” he asked.
In a related development, DAP chairperson Karpal Singh said that he did not attend a meeting with PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to discuss the issue, as reported by the New Straits Times on Feb 3.
nik aziz penang karpal birthday 270113In a press release today, Karpal (right in pic) said he had contacted a New Straits Times reporter to clarify matters, but no retraction was forthcoming.
“I must state with the force at my command that there has been no meeting whatsoever at a hotel in Penang between Nik Aziz and the DAP leadership at any time.
“Consequently, the question of Nik Aziz having explained the matter, and the syura council’s decision to the DAP and the issue having been settled cannot arise.
“It is regretted that the New Straits Times has repeatedly chosen to report news that do not have any basis or justification, and declined to place into effect the correction as requested,” he said.

2 thoughts on “PAS passes buck to Home Ministry over ‘Allah’ row

  1. If we are to make our society perfect and the nation is to live again, then we must revert to the earlier and fuller truth. We must not make life a waiting for renunciation, but renunciation a preparation for life; instead of running from God in the town to God in the forest, we must rather plunge into the mountain solitude in our own souls for knowledge & joy & spiritual energy to sustain any part that may be given to us by the master of the Lila. If we get that strength, any society we build up must be full of the instinct of immortal life and move inevitably towards perfection. As to the precise way in which society will be reconstructed, we have hardly yet knowledge enough to solve the problem. We ought to know before we act, but we are rather eager to act violently in the light of any dim ray of knowledge that may surprise our reflecting intellects, and although God often uses our haste for great and beneficial purposes, yet that way of doing things is not the best either for a man or a nation. One thing seems to me clear that the future will deny that principle of individual selfishness and collective self-interest on which European society has hitherto been based and our renovated systems will be based on the renunciation of individual selfishness and the organisation of brotherhood, – principles common to Christianity, Mahomedanism and Hinduism.-Sri Aurobindo

    (Essays Divine and Human, p. 58.)

  2. PAS perlu menghantar surat rasmi kepada DAP dan PKR untuk menyatakan pendirian terbaru mereka, hingga kini PAS tidak menghantar lagi surat pendirian Majlis Syura kepada DAP dan PKR berhubung isu kalimah Allah, ini bermakna PAS masih menerima pakai pendirian yang diumumkan olah Hadi Awang selaku Presiden PAS yang membenarkan bukan Islam menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam ibadat mereka walaupun tidak mencapai maksud sebenar dalam bahasa asal Al-Quran.

    Sikap PAS yang tidak menghantar surat pendirian rasmi PAS adalah seperti membakul sampahkan segala keputusan dalam Mesyuarat Majlis Syura PAS, malahan mesyuarat Majlis Syura PAS yang membincangkan isu kalimah Allah itu tiada ada manfaatnya, sekadar membuang masa kerana PAS masih lagi menerima pakai pendirian yang diumumkan oleh Hadi Awang dalam pengumuman olah Majlis Presiden Pakatan Rakyat yang membenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan oleh bukan Islam dalam acara keagamaan mereka walaupun tidak mencapai maksud sebenar sebagaimana bahasa asal Al-Quran.

    Sangat jelas mesyuarat Majlis Syura PAS adalah sandiwara semata-mata, malahan segala tok guru dan ulamak PAS yang hadir ke mesyuarat itu sekadar untuk mengabui mata ahli-ahli PAS supaya tidak menyalak lagi memarahi pimpinan PAS sedangkan pimpinan PAS masih setia dengan pendirian DAP yang mahukan kalimah Allah digunakan oleh bukan Islam dalam acara keagamaan mereka walaupun tidak mencapai maksud sebenar dalam bahasa asal Al-Quran.

    Jika PAS berani, saya mencadangkan supaya PAS adakan sidang media dan diumumkan olah Hadi Awang sendiri kerana dia adalah Presiden PAS, sila nyatakan pendirian rasmi PAS di hadapan Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, dan Karpal Singh serta di hadapan ahli-ahli PKR, PAS dan DAP, itu pun kalau PAS masih ada maruah lagilah, kalau tidak, bubarkan saja Majlis Syurat kerana PAS sendiri kecut perut dengan DAP.

    Sedarlah rakyat Malaysia sekalian, PAS hanya bermain wayang dalam isu ini kerana walau bagaimana pun, PAS tetap menjadi pecacai kepada DAP kerana PAS sangat takut kepada DAP, dan PAS sanggup buat apa saja untuk DAP kerana hanya dengan sokongan DAP PAS berasa boleh merosakkan UMNO, kerana akar keburukan PAS adalah sikap busuk hati dan dengki khianat mereka terhadap UMNO tanpa mempedulikan kesan kepada kepentingan agama dan bangsa sendiri. PAS sudah teruk hingga sebegini rupa kerana nafsu serakah sudah menguasai mereka, walaupun beserban dan berjubah, tetapi mereka lebih mengutamakan nafsu serakah dengki khianat kerana pemikiran mereka sudah berkarat dengan segala dengki khianat yang berakar umbi dalam pemikiran mereka selama ini.

    Sedarlah rakyat Malaysia sekalian, selamatkan negara ini dari dirosakkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat kerana politik keji yang diamalkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat hanya akan merosakkan negara dan rakyat dalam tempoh jangka masa panjang dan boleh menghancurkan negara dan masyarakat. Insaflah semua. Sekian, terima kasih.

    Encik Mohamad.
    Nasionalis Melayu

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