No reason to replace BN government, says Sabah CM


The Barisan Nasional (BN) government should not be replaced just because of pressure and disparagement by the opposition and certain quarters, said Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

Musa (picture) said the BN had proven its capability to develop and lead the state to much progress.

“Look around and you can see the developments achieved by the BN, and we have a lot more on the agenda for the people and the state,” he said at a 1 Malaysia gathering at Dewan Sa’adah in Wisma Muis near here yesterday.

Musa also urged non-governmental organisations to fully support the BN government in the next general election in order for development policies and programmes to be realised.

“We need to work together hand in hand so as not to let anyone be sidelined from the mainstream development and progress being implemented by the BN,” he said.

Speaking to reporters later, Musa, who is also state BN chairman, said the BN government under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had brought about considerable changes in all aspects of the people’s lives. — Bernama

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8 thoughts on “No reason to replace BN government, says Sabah CM

  1. Tuan Besar MB, make no mistake, the need to change the govt has got nothing to do with pressure from opposition etc….we rakyat are just too tired to see how you guys up there got to be richer by the day while we, our children too are getting poorer by each day. Can’t you see how we struggle with almost everything price increased…if we ourselves don’t do something now, our next 2 generations are all going to be maids overseas and it pains us to think so.Development is good for businessmen only , able to afford buy that plain white bread and rice is our main concern !.

  2. Sure, don’t we know that Musa Aman does not want his gravy train to be stopped?
    Revelation at the on-going Sabah RCI on illegal immigrants, and the elegant silence of Rakyat Malaysia ahead of GE-13 must be troubling and causing him/BN sleepless nights, no?

    How much more does he want. As it is there’s more than enough to last those looters another 50 winters! There’s a word call “retribution”!

    Prime Minister Najib Razak’s infamous Gaza trip which they themselves brand it as ‘historic’, looked very much made out of hopelessness to garner Muslim support back home, had offended and insulted an incensed Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas that caused a diplomatic row! Read here…

    His bunch of strategists had plans, thought that UMNO big man would come back a ‘chest beating hero’ – plans were in place for big talk, brave words at the airport but too bad, even before his plane touched down at KLIA, he already ‘fell off’ 3 steps down the ladder!
    Thanks to the internet/twitter for instantaneous news!

    How, when, then will Najib Razak call for dissolution of Parliament for GE-13?

  3. It is very simple why this Musa guy is pleading to the people not to have him and most of all Umno replaced, he does not want to be indicted and get kicked out of the glamour and the right to continue enriching himself. Just like his boss when he advised the people not to try and fix something that has nothing wrong with. Najib is correct in giving that advice, but he forgot to say everything with the present watchdog is wrong and therefore needs not only to be fixed but to be replaced.
    All the scumbags and parasites are so rotten to the core that they are all beyond salvation and the only thing left to do is to have theses morons like Najib and also people like Musa thrown into the garbage bins and have them incinerated forever. Don’t even have them turn into anything else just have them BURNT, end of the story, period.

  4. Sri Aurobindo: There is a Greek saying that when one becomes too powerful he becomes insolent and commits excesses and then that strikes against the throne of God and then the retribution begins.

    The leader of the former dominant party was not like that. He never lost sense of balance, and never pushed things too far. When his lieutenants asked him to arrest his political opponents he refused.

    Disciple: Hitler also has a precipitous rise, he can’t maintain the momentum. He can’t last very long.

    Sri Aurobindo: There is another famous Greek story about the tyrant of Syracuse. Do you know it?

    Disciple: No.

    Sri Aurobindo: This tyrant wanted to make friends with another tyrant of Sicily. Both belonged to Sicily. The latter replied: You are too fortunate. You must sacrifice something or have some little misfortune to compensate for your fortune, otherwise, I can’t ally myself with you. The tyrant of Syracuse – Polycrites – threw his most precious ring into the sea as a sacrifice to compensate for his fortune. The ring was swallowed by a fish and that fish caught by a fisherman who brought to him. He got back the ring. The other tyrant heard about it and said: You are too lucky. I shall never ally myself with you. Polycrites was afterwards killed by his people in revolt. “The ring of Polycrites” is a proverbial expression in English.

    The Roman poet says: the Titans fall by their own mass. There is a similar idea in India when it is said: the Asuras are too heavy for the earth to bear their weight. But some Asuras are clever enough to flourish in spite of proverbs.

    Disciple: Can it be said that the Asuras by their action contradict the law of evolution or that they contradict something fundamental in human nature?

    Sri Aurobindo : ( kept silent for some time and then said) There is no such general law. The thing is that the Asura can’t keep balance. The law that demands balance then strikes.

    note:”asura” means beings of falsehood
    source:Purani A. B.

    Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo

    The Third Series

    24th January, 1939

  5. [Yusufali 55:7] And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice),

    [Yusufali 55:9] So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.

  6. PAS Gaal assemblyman Dr Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad was quoted by online portal as saying that it was better to vote for a fellow Muslim to ensure that Islamic principles are defended.

    “In choosing between a Muslim Umno candidate and a PKR candidate, a voter must evaluate which candidate is better.

    “If the PKR candidate is a non-Muslim, it is best for voters to vote for the Umno candidate to safeguard the interests of Islam,” he said.

    Sir,whats happening?

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