Shocking details emerge on how BN won elections in Sabah

Harakahdaily, 17 January 2013


Jan 17: The ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry into Sabah’s immigration problems yesterday heard that the Election Commission had instructed National Registration Department to issue Malaysian identity cards to 16,000 illegal immigrants in Sabah, allowing them to vote in the 1994 state election.
Mohd Nasir Sugip, who served as NRD state deputy director between 1992 to 1994, testified that then Sabah EC director Wan Ahmad had instructed NRD to change names of illegal immigrants from Indonesia and Philippines to increase Muslim voters in Sabah.
It could not be ascertained whether he was referring to present EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.
“Ops Durian Buruk was the operation to change and create new names from the names given by EC,” said Nasir as quoted by The Malaysian Insider.
“It involved changing the names, changing the IC, changing the birth date and photos,” he added.
Nasir, a former Internal Security Act detainee, said he had been imprisoned for issuing ICs to unqualified individuals.
He said 800 names had been given for Sugut state seat and Kinabatangan parliamentary constituency.
In 1994, BN’s Sarady won with a slim majority of 79 votes against opposition candidate Juble KK Zen in Sugut.
Nasir however denied that he had been paid for his role.
“I only followed instruction and I signed an oath with my director,” he said.
Asked whether EC and NRD had cooperated to increase the number of voters in Sabah, Nasir agreed. “We gather them in a house”

In his testimony, another former NRD director Ramli Kamaruddin accused the late Megat Junid Megat Ayob, who was deputy Home Minister, as the person who instructed him to issue NRD receipts enabling illegal immigrants in Sabah to vote in the 1994 state election.

“We teach them how to vote. We gather them in a house. We send them by bus to the polling stations. Then we send them back and we collect the receipts. The receipts are just for voting. We did not give them identity cards,” he said, adding that the illegal immigrants were paid RM20.

Prime minister Najib Razak formed the RCI last year following intense pressure to investigate cases of immigrants being converted to Malaysian citizens without normal procedures. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) has often been accused as the mastermind behind the so-called “Project IC” in Sabah, under which citizenship was given in return for votes for BN.

Meanwhile, Beaufort member of parliament Lajim Ukin, who quit Barisan Nasional last year, praised the courage shown by former NRD officers to testify in the RCI.
“I hope all those who are involved must come forward to expose more if they have evidences of wrongdoings as this matter is very important for the security of the people and the state,” he told Harakahdaily.

13 thoughts on “Shocking details emerge on how BN won elections in Sabah

  1. YB Dzul,
    I have always followed all your articles and I fully support your efforts to lead our country to its glory with your other colleagues in PAS and friends in DAP and PKR. I believe our nation is in the cusp of regime change as all the recent happenings point to the imminent fall of UMNO/BN. It is obvious to the keen minds that we have finally breached the tipping point – the Chinese voters have decided to do what they should done to MCA in 2008 and the viral Youtube video on Bavani and its subsequent response will definitely cause Najib to lose whatever “nambikei” that he had so laboriously cultivated among the Indians. However, many believe too the coming GE will be decided by the coalition that makes the least blunders from now to the voting day. Lately, though it seems only PKR has not made any significant missteps but the same cannot be said about DAP and PAS. I wish to bring to your attention on the recent blunders committed by PAS that put Chinese and to a certain extent Indian voters to QUESTION whether PAS is REALLY for all? PAS is providing a second chance to MCA by openly playing to the fear-mongering tactic of CSL I’ll just quote 2 incidents that have struck “fear and worry” to the non-Muslims:-
    1. Are the guidelines on Chinese New Year celebration in Kedah necessary?
    2. Is PAS indirectly and covertly trying to apply Syariah laws to the non-Muslim (is there really a “one state 2 policies” on religion)?
    If as a educated and rational voter like me is beginning to question the sincerity of PAS as a workable alternative to UMNO/BN, I believe MCA with the help of MSM will put the non-Muslims into fear. The question that comes into our mind is – “Are we ditching a known devil for an unknown one?” , if so why bother ?
    I sincere hope PAS will be forthcoming and forthright on these issues.

  2. Dearest YB, sadly what Foo said was just so right….only PKR is up to par to fight with the crafty thief party….both Pas and Dap are creating too many unnecessary problems for themselves blown bigger by msm. Can you 2 guys call for a cease fire on all matters until after GE13? We are finding it hard to convince even our family members to vote for you guys with all these untimely misfirings. But we do know YB you, Khalid etc can only voice out so much, the seniors have more say.

  3. Mamak Mahathir has a lot to answer for as he was Home Minister & PM at that period of time. It goes to prove how DECEITFUL and CORRUPT he can be (not to mention the framing of Anwar ),
    Beside CHEATING these CROOKS Loot & Steal Billions for themselves and Cronies-little wonder The Grand Mamak Mahathir who call PAS Leaders ‘Satans ‘ is one of the RICHEST Man & His Sons too in Asia together with his Partner in Crime ,Taib Mahmud.
    Malaysians have woken up and we believe sincere and honest Men like you should be in Government leading us to a better future for all Malaysia Free of racism,injustice & corruption.

  4. Mamak Mahathir who was Home Minister and PM at that time must answer how he was involved in CHEATING the Voters of East Malaysia.
    What a DECEITFUL CORRUPT Crook he is . And for him to label PAS Leaders as Satans shows how low he can go to destroy anyone who challenge him(like framing of Anwar ).
    YB Dr Dzul Malaysia need honest & sincere MP like you to bring change for the better of all Malaysians.

  5. someone stole cows n tell the court it ia legal to steal n rob.. yes the special o0ne gives citizenship n its legal lah.. bravo — funny leaders n silly rakyat

  6. A descendent of one million illegal immigrants approved by Tunku, once had gone berserk in KL shouting …

    Pada 11 Mei di Jalan Bukit Bintang, “Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masuk hutan”.

    Pada 11 Mei Jalan Changkat Dollah, “KL sekarang cina punya”.

    Pada 12 Mei Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, “melayu balik kampung, melayu sekarang tiada kuasa. Sekarang kita Cina sudah control.”

    Di Jalan Khir Kampung Baru, depan orang Melayu ini kenyataan parti Yang Berhormat [LKS] Ipoh Timur..;
    “Melayu keluar…! Apa lagi duduk sini, kita hentam lu.., sekarang kita sudah ada kuasa…”.

    Pada 12 Mei depan Balai Polis Jalan Pudu… “… semua Melayu kasi habis, kasi halau semua polis.”

    Pada 12 Mei. Okey nanti kejap lagi. Saya hendak habiskan. Biar dia faham. “Apa ini Melayu, kita sudah perintah dia negeri, ini negeri bukan melayu punya, mata-mata lancau….!”

    Pada 12 Mei Jalan Canvel, “Butuh Melayu, Malai si, pergi mati Melayu…”

    Pada 12 Mei Jalan Bukit Bintang, “Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya, kita mahu kasi halau semua Melayu.”

    To them(the immigrants) its ‘Jangan pandang belakang’ bcos its quite eerie!

    Well l’m not the ‘Melayu mudah lupa’ type.

  7. Syed Othman Please DO NOT GENERALISE that all Chinese approve of any insults or provocation aimed at Malays.
    The Non-Malays know the atrocities committed by the armed forces and in today world,any Country or its Leaders that violates such atrocities against its citizens esp Ethnic minorities can be brought before the UN & International Court of Justice in Hague,as shown in recent cases ,where Presidents & Prime Ministers have all been punished,
    PAS has never threaten the Ethnic minorities ,in fact made statements that they will protect them against Racist Umno bullies ,who used to make all kinds of threats and practice racial discrimination.
    Malaysia is blessed that Majority of all the races live in harmony -of course there will be a small minority who do not want to see this harmony intact for their own selfish agenda.
    Bukan semua cina macam samseng atau berseteju dengan apa yang anda tulis .
    Ada ingat tak- ada agen provokasi yang mahu rosakan persahabatan antara orang melayu dan bukan melayu dan mahu hancurkan keamanan negara.
    Tak ada faedah siapa pun jika Rakyat gaduh dan tak bersatu padu,
    Yang penting ia lah hormat satu sama lain dan’ focus on Unity of all races & economy.

    1. Atrocities by the armed forces…??? Well the atrocities that still lingers in my mind is that of a a man standing infront of a T’90 tank and the killings thereafter ….remember the Tianamen Square Butchery? or the massacre in the refugee camp Shabra and Shatila?

      Those perpetrators were never brought to the Hague and as for Mr. Sharon, Allah swt. had taken care of him to be rotten to the bone!

      Back to the home front, of Umno being a bully who used all kinds of threats and practice racial discrimination , how come Malaysia be blessed that the majority of all the races live in harmony….???

      What kind of bully is that?

      Maybe its a Mamak-Style bullying ….for the good of the country.

  8. The crooks will do anything and everything to stay in power. We must overlook the mistakes made by PR now for they are not major mistakes. We must put in PR as the new Federal Government at all cost or else we are doomed.

  9. The crooks will do anything and everything to stay in power. We must overlook the mistakes made by PR now for they are not major mistakes. We must put in PR as the new Federal Government at all cost or else we are doomed.=black arrow

    I totally agree

  10. Mamak-Deceitful-Racist Mahathir takes on the one million immigrant,

    “Orang Melayu ‘murah hati’. Kita sedia berkongsi tanahair, mengekalkan identiti, bahasa dan budaya merea. Kemudian kita kongsi-kuasa dengan mereka bukan pri-bumi negeri ini. Orang Melayu benarkan orang asing ini bebas berniaga dan mengumpulkan harta. Orang Melayu tidak pernah meminta apa apa dari mereka”.

    “Malangnya mereka tidak menunjukan kesyukuran. Bukan sahaja mereka sudah menguasai 70% ekonomi. Kini mereka ingin megambil kuasa dari kita pula. Apabila kita mempertahankan apa yang hak bagi kita (sebagaimana yang diperuntukan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia), kita dianggap tamak. Kita dianggap ‘rasis’!”.

    ..” dalam amalan biasa banyak negara negara lain apabila pri-bumi memgambil kuasa dari kuasa penjajah, mereka mengusirkan keluar orang orang asing dan bukan pri-bumi. “Contohnya negara negaara Afrika dan Burma. Orang India diusir, walaupun mereka golongan peniaga. Kini mereka menafikan hak golongan Rohingya”.

    How he wished he had the gas chamber and the Nazi war machines, unfortunately he only had his deputy busy eating karipap and playing tennis in a Daimler – the only German made war machine he owned,… driven by an immigrant..!

  11. The other side of Tunku, Tunku Abdul Aziz that is,

    ,,,”The Chineseness of the party is in striking contrast to the much maligned Malaysian Chinese Association. While unequivocally Chinese, MCA, unlike the Lim family dominated-DAP, understands that given the unique historical, social and economic imperatives that have shaped our fragile nation, playing the zero-sum-game is a suicidal option.
    Malays have worked constructively, in mutual trust and respect, with MCA. They have proved to be trustworthy and reliable partners in the demanding task of nation-building. Successive MCA leaders, without exception, have put national interests above sectarian considerations. The contributions of MCA to national unity, peace and prosperity have yet to be given full recognition by the people of our country.

    Read more: DAP’s triumph of chauvinistic will – Columnist – New Straits Times

    …and who needs the Gas Chamber anyway, if the immigrants recognised the fact that orang Melayu sangat ‘Murah Hati’.

  12. Tuan Syed, Tuan bukan melayu kan? Arab. Tuan pun dulu tok nenek datang dan got assimilated and taking the bigger slice of the cake. Talking about 13th May, I was there, in the thick of the action. Then I realised that all the ‘khabar angin’ was designed to put fuel to the fire. Who might have done it? Communist agents? Or might it be someone who will benefit….? Open you mind and be less of a chauvinist racist. When Mamak put in the last nail in the Malay supremacy coffin by ending the powers of the Sultans why did you keep quiet? By the way who or what owns the nst?

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