‘Desperate Umno singing old tune’

Alyaa Azhar, (FMT) December 1, 2012

The bashing PAS received at the Umno general assembly showed how desperate Umno is, say PAS leaders.

PETALING JAYA: PAS leaders hit out at Umno for its PAS-bashing session at the Umno general assembly which ended today, saying the ruling party is playing an “old tune”.

They said the attack on the Islamist party indicated that Umno feels threatened by the opposition.

PAS vice-president and Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayub said that the allegations hurled at PAS have had no effect.

During the assembly, many Umno delegates have attacked PAS for being “unIslamic” and a “commercial” party obsessed with taking power at Putrajaya.

“Umno is just singing an old tune. I’m not ‘excited’ at all about the attacks made by Umno,” said Salahuddin.

“I think PAS has reached a level where it has become a true rival to Umno because these attacks show that the ruling party feels threatened by PAS,” he said.

“These attacks also indicate that Umno is desparate as it feels that Pakatan Rakyat can replace the ruling party,” he said.

PAS Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad said the diatribe launched against PAS was made to garner the support of the Malays.

“All the statements were made to threaten the Malays. Basically, Umno wants to emphasise that only the ruling party can protect the Malays and not Pakatan.

“The PAS-bashing just goes to show how desparate Umno is to the extent that it is playing on the religious sentiments of the Malays [to win support],” Dzulkefly said.

“Umno says it has been championing Islam, but if it really does things in the name of Islam, how does it explain scandals such as the NFC [National Feedlot Corporation] and other cases of corrupt practices involving its leaders?”

Dzulkefly said Umno has also failed to address the issue of inequality.

“I challenge the prime minister to address the issue of equal redistribution of income and wealth. As long as he does not solve this problem, this matter will remain.”

He drew a comparison between the Umno assembly and the PAS muktamar (national conference), saying that “although PAS made some blunders, at least we have put forward [constructive] proposals about the economy, political institutions, education and morality.

“Umno, on the other hand, creates noise. Frankly, I have not seen anything substantive emerging from the Umno assembly.”

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu took a swipe at Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for talking about the concept of wasatiyyah (modesty).

“With his wife allegedly owning a ring costing millions, and with their lavish lifestyle, does that show wasatiyyah?”

He also said that Najib should be willing to debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, and not run away.

He added the PAS-bashing will not put a dent to the opposition flank..

4 thoughts on “‘Desperate Umno singing old tune’

  1. What else can you expect from the scumbags and parasites of Umno ? Especially after so many decades as the watchdogs and coming up with nothing to show except frauds, deceits and corruptions. They must realise that themselves for sometimes and the chief of the warlords are now telling the people recently that they are ready to change.
    Why only now ? Isn’t that amounting to thief pleading to the judge for another chance to change to a better man and how often thieves and convicts do really change after these morons are given another chance ? Statistics will show they will stay on their stealing ways, the way they are so used to it. So don’t even consider giving them a chance, not even a calculated chance, just vote them out of their deceitful ways in the coming GE !
    You have been lied, deceived at least since the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, disguised as a Malay, when he never was. He just wanted to be accepted as a Malay in order to steal for himself, family, proxies and cronies.

    He even hijacked the NEP just to justify his actions and policies that as a Malay that was why entitled to do what he did. He would say he was just helping the Malay. It never was the aims of NEP to make people like him, his sons and also his many cronies in Umno to become multi millionaires or billionaires. NEP was originally set up to help the million of poor Malays for 30 years but the shenanigan was only interested to ensure to have himself and his family ‘helped’ in the name of helping the Malays and had it extended just because he played around with the achievements of NEP. Between himself, his sons, his proxies and his cronies together they have got more than the 30%, yet he said that the 30% was not achieved and need more time to do so. Isn’t the shenanigan the one who said nothing in this world is impossible ?
    Simple as that and why are there still million of Malays remain living below the poverty line as poor peasants in the kampong while only the limited number ‘ warlords ‘of Umno have become filthy rich, living in big mansion, traveling around the world, driving big branded car, going to ‘work’ in the twin towers with foreign bank accounts and even invest in the making of beer.Just look at his son now and how he has become a multi millionaire or billionaire and who’s expense? isn’t that enough to proof the aims of NEP was hijacked, abused and taken advantaged of by this Umno made Malay on the pretext of helping the Malays. When are the Malays going to wake up to prevent this descendants of the pariah from Kerala from pulling the wool over your eyes !

    1. If you ask me, that Mamatkhutty has nothing left in Malaysia for him to destroy. Now the ringgit is only worth sin 40 cents.
      Singapore is steamng ahead and we are still at a cross-road, still with UMNO shouting Ketuanan Melayu slogan and weeping and crying in the EGM and lamenting how much the Malays have lost out and they never came up with any constuctive policy that benefit all races. That Mamat has tried to build wall between the Malays and the Non-Malays and UMNO want to keep it this way. I just don’t understand what they are afraid of really. They just want to scare the Malays and the Malay intellectual must now speak up but alas there are too few of them.

  2. Umno is very desperate now. The doom of BN is near. They have seen the writing on the wall and they are now in panic mode. It is written in the stars that it is possible for Malaysia to have a new Federal Govt in 2013 but the rakyat must work towards this for the good of one and all. Soon it will be BN who will be seeing stars. The 13th GE will be held in the first quarter of 2013. So we must herald the new year with a new Federal Govt as the incumbent govt has gone into decadence.

  3. Dr DZUL — all knew that the mad cow disease has spread from kak a shah to all memebers– hence the silly play acting– comedians of the first class

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