We just called to say, don’t entertain Apartheid

On November 25, 2012, YNet  announced that musical legend and civil rights advocate Stevie Wonder would  be performing for Israeli soldiers and major donors at the annual gala of the  Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Stevie Wonder stood  against Apartheid in South Africa and has been an outspoken supporter of  racial justice and civil  rights in the United States. Please join us in saying to Stevie Wonder: “We Just Called to Say, Don’t Entertain Apartheid!”
I, Dr Musa Mohd Nordin just signed the  petition on behalf of VIVA PALESTINA  MALAYSIA
You can do the same, click below:
Dear Stevie Wonder,
We are a diverse group of  people of conscience and social justice organizations around the world, saddened  by the announcement that you will be performing and helping to raise money for  the Israeli army next Thursday, December 6th, at the LA Friends of the IDF  Annual Gala.
In 1985, you showed the world that you opposed Apartheid in  South Africa when you were arrested protesting the Apartheid regime and in your  song, “It’s Wrong (Apartheid).” Now, 27 years later, we wish to say: Apartheid  is still wrong.
Today, the Israeli army is enforcing a system that South  African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has described as even worse than Apartheid in  South Africa. And 15 years ago this week, Nelson Mandela himself said: “we know  too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the  Palestinians.”
Israel’s illegal military occupation denies the  fundamental human rights of Palestinians through a system of segregated roads,  buses, legal systems, and more. Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, and  entire villages are demolished to clear areas for Israeli Jewish-only  settlement. Thousands of Palestinians are held without charge and tortured in  Israeli prisons, including children. Palestinian olive groves are razed, burned,  or confiscated. Palestinians inside Israel are prohibited from living on the  vast majority of the land because they are not Jewish, while millions more  Palestinians are forced to live in exile. And the 1.7 million Palestinian men,  women, and children in Gaza live under constant fear of U.S.-funded drones,  missiles, and tanks that have wrought death and devastation, including in the  army’s recent attacks on Gaza that killed more than 130 Palestinians, most of  them civilians.
Three years ago, you were designated a “Messenger of  Peace” by the United Nations. November 29th — one week before your scheduled  performance — is the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian  People. Please be that messenger of peace by refusing to entertain or fundraise  for a military that continues to systematically oppress an entire population.
Please continue your legacy of speaking out for the oppressed. Please be  a “full-time lover” of justice by standing on the right side of history and  canceling your performance for the Israeli army.
Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman, Viva Palestina  Malaysia

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