Hadi’s ‘best speech ever’ concludes PAS muktamar

Harakahdaily, 18 November 2012

Nov 18: Even as some PAS delegates suggested that Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang should lead the Pakatan Rakyat cabinet, the PAS president again reiterated that he had no interest in becoming the prime minister.

However, in his adjournment speech for the 58th PAS Muktamar which ended today, Hadi said his only wish was to see the triumph of Islam before dying.

“I pray that God fulfils my dream of seeing the victory of Islam first. Then I will be ready to die,” he told delegates who packed the conference hall at the Kelantan Islamic Training Centre in Pengkalan Chepa.

Delegate from the Ulama and Muslimat wings had earlier suggested that Hadi was most suitable to become the prime minister.

But the 65-year old veteran leader, who has been leading PAS since 2002, brushed aside the call, saying what matters is that the prime minister must be accepted by the people and able to unite Malaysians.

Hadi’s speech today was also a break from his usual seriousness, occassionally drawing laughter from the delegates.
One delegate described him as the party’s father figure.

“To me, his speech this time shows his qualities as a father to all leaders and members of PAS,” he added.
In his speech, Hadi said he was proud that PAS had managed to hold on in Malaysian politics, being the only Islamic political party unlike in other countries.

“In Indonesia, there are more than one Islamic party. We are grateful that we are the only party in Malaysia, though we have many Islamic NGOs to give their views to us,” Hadi said.

Giving an analogy, Hadi said PAS was like an ark in stormy waters.

“This ark of PAS is able to weather the storm during the long journey. But do not jump! If you are sea sick, take your medication, if you have a headache, rest awhile. But jump you shall not as there are sharks beneath,”  Hadi said greeted by loud shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’.

One thought on “Hadi’s ‘best speech ever’ concludes PAS muktamar

  1. Hi YB,

    From at an outsider’s perspective, I still do think HADI is a better candidate compared to ANWAR. We all are aware the utmost priority of Pakatan Rakyat is against corruption & it’s important to have the next PM in waiting of whom would fit into this category with no whatsoever doubt.

    HADI’s image as compared to ANWAR is much cleaner. ANWAR’s image had been tainted by corruption in the past resulting imprisonment, while, HADI’s image is as pure as a silk. Moreover, ANWAR’s image had been tainted with rumours of sexual misconduct, while, HADI’s image & rumours are nowhere near that.

    As to give more weight to my recommendation, (like it or not) ANWAR was from UMNO & to say it short, ANWAR bears the root of UMNO. Once an UMNOputra, always an UMNOputra regardless of the skin they change. Where else, HADI bears the loyal root of PAS from day #1 till the present day. I really can’t imagine how can we allow ANWAR as the PM representing Pakatan Rakyat when ANWAR had once been frequently whacking/condemning/criticizing DAP & PAS while he was with UMNO but only to make good buddies with them now by being their leader. Don’t you think this is weird & hypocritical?

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of BN but with ANWAR around would give me difficulty voting for Pakatan Rakyat too. It’s like I’m having no option but to either vote for a UMNO man or a UMNO ‘rooted’ man to be the PM. Either way, is like UMNO or nothing at all. However, if we put HADI as the next PM in line for Pakatan Rakyat, the entire scenario would change drastically. We then can at least have the option of having a UMNO man or a 100% anti UMNO man to be the next PM.

    I sincerely can’t see the logic of why ANWAR is picked as the better man over HADI & I would appreciate if YB you could help clarify from your point of view being an insider. As of now, my vote will definatey NOT go to BN but I will also NOT give my vote to Pakatan Rakyat should ANWAR be placed as their PM in line as I see this a illogical & unexplainable.

    Perhaps with YB’s enlightenment, it would help reconsider my current decision before the next G.E. comes. Thanks in advance.

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