Israeli Invasion of Gaza

The serial military incursions of Israel on the autonomous Gaza Strip over the recent few weeks have now escalated into a virtual invasion with incessant bombings from both the air and sea. The present large scale bombardment of Gaza over the past 24 hours is very reminiscent of the genocidal massacre committed by the Israeli military in Operation Cast Lead in December 2008.

The present carnage known as Operation Pillar of Defense is yet another display of Israel’s contempt for International Law and its ruthless defiance of accepted norms of co-existence both in times of peace and war. It has been unrelenting in its militaristic occupation mode, expanding its illegitimate settlements in the West bank, blockade of the Gaza Strip and now embarking on mass killings of innocent civilians and wanton destruction of property in Operation Pillar of Defense.

Independent eye witness accounts and broadcasts from within Gaza has authenticated the fatalities, severe bodily injuries inflicted on ordinary Gazans and the damages to civilian properties. Thus dispelling the many news distortions from partisan Zionist media houses.

The United Nations, European Union and other world power brokers need to act fast and rein in the heinous acts of Israel or will soon become abject Zionist stooges like some, allowing it with impunity to do as it pleases in the Middle East and beyond.

The spirit of the “Arab Spring” of 2011 which swept across the Middle East, overthrowing regimes complicit with Israel’s policies and supported by some super powers, should be universally unified and enhanced to demonstrate their support for Palestinian rights. And like “New Egypt” recall their ambassadors and initiate the expulsion of Israeli diplomats from their respective countries.

The defence of Gaza and ultimately the end of the occupation in Palestine is duty bound upon all peace loving and free people of the world and VPM calls upon nations, institutions and individuals to actively participate in this humanitarian duty. Nelson Mandela sums it well when he said, “Palestine is the worst moral crisis of our times”. Thus making it a humanitarian crisis; a colossal failure of our collective humanity.

VPM in solidarity with civil society throughout the peaceful world denounces in no uncertain terms the Israeli aggression in Gaza. VPM calls for an immediate cessation of the air strikes and bombardment and an end to the siege of Gaza.

We emphatise with the misfortune that has befallen the ordinary people of Gaza, the loss of human lives, property and their basic human right to peace, freedom and justice. We nonetheless salute the brave Palestinians who have not wavered in their resolve to acquire what is rightfully theirs since the annexation of their lands in 1948.

15 November 2012

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin, Chairman VPM

Viva Palestina Malaysia E311, Jalan SS6/2, Kelana Parkview, Kelana Jaya, 47301, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia M: +6013 231 4596 Tel/Fax: +603 7880 1900 W: E:

7 thoughts on “Israeli Invasion of Gaza

  1. What should Israel do, just sit tight and be bombed to thy kingdom come ? Just remember it always takes two to clap ! Just like Singapore, Israel too is located in the middle of the muslim world who are trying everything possible to wipe them out of this world. Iran has expressed in recent times they wish and want to wipe Israel out of the map, just like all the scumbags and parasites from Umno who had loudly advocated that water supply to Singapore be disconnected. Every time when they don’t get what they want. Where are all these scumbags and parasites ? Have they all become dumb or peace loving and kind ? Can we expect the snake from biting ?

  2. what should Israel do?Stop its agression by which means it has projected its policy of expansion and annexation,stop its racism and belittling its neighbours and cease its murders and lies perpetuated through its control of main stream media.

  3. Nothing but the Truth

    Nobody seems to question when the Hamas rain rockets daily by the hundreds on its civilian population. So what do you expect the Israeli government to do ? Sit tight and do nothing and hoping nothing untoward happens to its people. Its madness when the world reacts to the Isreali government protective measures to stop the daily bombardment of the rockets by taking correct military measures to protect its citizens.

    What if Singapore were to shoot a few rockets into Johor and kill some of its citizens in the state everyday? Would the Malaysian government stand by idly and do nothing? Israel’s Prime Minister has said that no country can stand idly by when its citizens are being rocketed daily causing immense harm and damage to its southern territories.

    Most of the world’s media are biased against Israel when what the they doing is simply to take protective measures to ensure its citizens are safely protected. Is that wrong? The Israeli army are careful not to harm the Palestinian civilians by hitting the hamas directly. It is a well known fact that the Hamas hide under the cover of innocent children and families. So when there is civilian casualties when the Hamas are hit by Israeli fire and bombing, the world cries brutality and aggression against them.

    Its time to the truth be told. I was in Israel recently and I can say that they are a peace loving people unlike the Palestinian terrorists. Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians in order to have peace with them. But what did the palestinian government under the Hamas do? Lob rockets into Israel regularly to inflict as much damage as they can. So how can you live in peace with people who do not want to live in peace with you?

  4. As long as the Hamas (or for that matter, any related organisation) threatens Israel, one can expect Israel to retaliate. Besides, Hamas setting up bombing units within civilian residences speaks pretty much of Hamas’ mindset. It is good that the Israelis took out their chief military officer, himself a terrorist in the first class.

  5. when don’t u also talk about the chrisrtian being prosecuted in the muslim world, or even in malaysia, where u malay muslim are so cruel to christians and others. why so quite on that. if muslim kena, baru nak buka mulut besar. let me ask u this, if the palastinians were christians or other, would u bother to be concern, U FUCKING RACIST BASTARDS, GO TO HELL ASSHOLE

  6. Its funny…not so many people are questioning the role of OIC in matters relating Muslim well-being across the globe. The Palestinians had been struggling for more than 50 years…the Rohingga Muslims have been struggling for more than 30 years…The OIC is now almost 50 years old. But why the OIC remain silence & seem to be not showing sign of concern. The zionist regime will only stop humiliating the muslim nation, in particular the Arab world, once the OIC wakes up.

  7. Perhaps it high time the OIC needs to undergo some kind of rebranding the organization. Rebranding itself is an innovative attempt to further enhance organizational effectiveness…just like the concept of 1MALAYSIA which hopefully will bind not only all ethnics but also bind all malays under one umbrella. The concept of 1UMMAH might be a suitable brand of OIC.

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